The Craft Brewers Conference 2019 Symposium Ale Sees Red

Every year brewers in the host city of the Craft Brewers Conference & Brew Expo America collaborate on a special symposium beer which is given to conference attendees.

In 2016 when the CBC was in Philly, seven of the region’s craft breweries banded together to brew Brotherly Suds…a rye-accented Maibock with Pennsylvanian/German leanings.

In 2017, the CBC was In DC, and the commemorative beer was Family Tree, a 6% ABV Belgian Pale, that was brewed by a band of brothers and misfits, from five different breweries, who all got their start at the Frederick, Maryland-based powerhouse, Flying Dog Brewing.

2018’s Symposium beer was Mockingbird Maibock, a delicious lager brewed in Nashville by members of the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild.

And this year’s Symposium Ale is already showing up on the collectables market… and with good reason …it’s serious!

Brewed by members of the Colorado Brewers Guild at the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company in Denver. 2019’s conference-only Symposium Ale is “Mile High” collaboration on several levels.

Symposium Ale: Brut Red IPA is a 7% ABV robust and hop-forward India Pale Ale with big notes of red berries, tangerine, and fermented pineapple and a dry, but not astringent, finish.

Designed to push the boundaries of the Brut IPA style, this year’s Symposium Ale pours a rusted reddish-orange color with a dark copper hue…and sports what the brewers’ describe as a “compact, porcelain head.”

Presented in 16oz cans, this year’s commemorative ale was brewed with malts provided by four of the country’s leading malt companies and yeast courtesy of White Labs.

The cans of this year’s Symposium Ale feature eco-friendly tear away plastic sleeves that offer a cleaner, more efficient solution for the aluminum once it enters the recycling stream. And the easy tear away perforation allows beer lovers to remove the sleeve before tossing the can in the recycling stream to avoid any contamination to the recycled aluminum.

The annual CBC Symposium Beer celebrates the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing community. A time-honored tradition, the 2019 Brut Red IPA Symposium Ale was made possible by the support of over 250 members of the Colorado Brewers Guild and generous contributions from many businesses.

A special thank you to:

  • Ball Canning – Cans
  • BSG and Rahr – Malt
  • CanSource – Cans and labels
  • Country Malt – Malt
  • Cultivator Advertising – Label design
  • Hopsteiner – Hops
  • ILS – Tear away labels
  • Proximity Malt – Malt
  • Root Shoot Malting – Malt
  • White Labs – Yeast
  • Shaw Nielsen Illustration – Label design

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