The Top 10 Cheapest Cities Around The World For Beer

, The Top 10 Cheapest Cities Around The World For Beer

Buenos Aires

We know, we know, it’s yet another beer city comparison chart. But this one is more fun than others… especially if you’re in travelling mode.

Here’s the deal…

New research from has revealed the best cities to visit around the world for beer lovers especially if you’re watching your dollars or, because this business is located in the United Kingdom, your pounds.

Factoring in important metrics such as breweries per 10,000 people, bars, pubs and clubs per 10,000 people, and the average price of a pint, the online financial comparison site has come up with the best beer destinations around the world for those who don’t want to pay exorbitant prices while drinking abroad….

If you’re looking to maximize the number of drinks you can get for your money, then it would appear the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, is the place to be. Not only is it an exciting city to visit the average cost of a pint of beer there is just $1.62.

Prague, another world class city, is also an affordable place for beer ($1.85) as well. And Mexico City ($1.95) is a good place to enjoy a beer (or three) for travelers that want to stretch their dollars. Austin (S2.69) also made the Top 10 ranking of  the best cities for a cheap pint, as did Grand Rapids, Michigan ($2.87).

And here’s their Top 10 cheap beer destinations…

Rank City Country Average price per pint (£) Average price per pint ($) Average price per pint (€)
1 Buenos Aires Argentina £1.17 $1.62 €1.37
2 Prague Czech Republic £1.34 $1.85 €1.57
3 Mexico City Mexico £1.41 $1.95 €1.65
4 Wrocław Poland £1.70 $2.35 €1.99
5 Kraków Poland £1.89 $2.61 €2.21
6 Warsaw Poland £1.89 $2.61 €2.21
7 Moscow Russia £2.06 $2.84 €2.41
8 Fort Collins United States £2.87 $3.96 €3.36
9 Austin United States £2.87 $3.96 €3.36
10 Grand Rapids United States £2.87 $3.96 €3.36


And while we’re at it, there’s this….


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