Rumor Mill: Toxic Beer In Brazil Kills 7 People / Anti-Trump IPA Returns

, Rumor Mill: Toxic Beer In Brazil Kills 7 People / Anti-Trump IPA Returns

New Zealand Brewery Returns Anti-Trump Beer

In today’s polarized political climate it’s probably smarter for a brewery in New Zealand  to return a beer that makes fun of President Trump than a US brewer…but still.

When Behemoth Brewing first introduced Dump the Trump IPA in 2016, its Facebook page was besieged by US Pro-Trump groups who left negative reviews that did affect the brewery’s previously favorable ratings.

But clearly the brewery doesn’t care…

With less than two month till the US presidential election, the Auckland brewery has returned its anti-Trump IPA with a new label and a slight name change OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY Dump the Trump IPA.

Behemoth’s Dump Trump IPA is a 7.4% ABV American India Pale Ale that the brewery claims is even hoppier than last time thanks to “uge” amounts of protest hops.

“It’s back and it’s better than ever (unlike its namesake),” Behemoth says on Facebook.


Words To Drink By

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― Author George Orwell, 1984


, Rumor Mill: Toxic Beer In Brazil Kills 7 People / Anti-Trump IPA Returns

(Courtesy Backer)

Toxic Beer Kills 10 People In Brazil

An official investigation by Brazilian officials has found that beer produced by Backer Brewery led to the poisoning of almost 30 individuals and the death of 7 in the state of Minas Gerais.

The unfortunate incident, which took place between the summer of 2019 and January 2020, was found to be the result diethylene glycol poisoning, a sweet-tasting solvent used to cool vats at the brewery, that made its way into the brewing process

Police in Minas Gerais found that a leak in a tank that started in September 2019 was responsible for the poisonings. And even though eleven people linked to the company were indicted as part of the investigation, deliberate contamination was ruled out.

A statement from the Backer said that it was an accident was a mistake and that the brewery had “no intention of causing harm.” However, the company added this does not exempt its responsibility (Yah think?) and it apologized to everyone and especially, victims and their families.

Backer has won international prizes and its beer is widely available in Brazil, but tainted beer leads to tainted brands, that’s for sure.

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