New Rock Band Beers From AC/DC And Hatebreed

, New Rock Band Beers From AC/DC And Hatebreed

(Courtesy KnuckleBonz / Calicraft Brewing)

Music and beer have long been wedded at the hip. Music festivals, concerts, and even the jukebox at your local dive all sound better with a beer in hand. So it’s not surprising that bands like to co-brand with breweries and lend their names to beers.

But if you think that these ‘collaborations’ are actual collaborations and that band members are actually at the brewery  working you’re dreaming…

No matter the spin the brewery or band is putting on these collaborations this is MARKETING 101 at its most straightforward. But that doesn’t mean that these beers can’t be decent…and in some cases they’re even better than that.

New AC/DC Beers

KnuckleBonz, a music merchandising company focused on high-end products for music enthusiasts, and Calicraft Brewing have announced the release of two officially licensed AC/DC beers slated for mid-September rollout, in select retail outlets throughout CA and AZ.

AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA is a 66.6% ABV India Pale Ale with bright passionfruit, ripe peaches, and juicy mandarin notes.

AC/DC TNT Double IPA is an 8.2% ABV India Pale Ale with explosive flavors of fresh cut grapefruit, sweet mango, and fresh pine.

, New Rock Band Beers From AC/DC And Hatebreed

(Courtesy Hatebreed)

Hatebreed Releases New Beers

Although not nearly as big as AC/DC, Hatebreed has a serious hardcore following. They have released eight studio albums, most recently Weight of the False Self on November 27, 2020, and they also have their own beer brand.

, New Rock Band Beers From AC/DC And HatebreedThe hardcore legends have partnered with Connecticut’s Witchdoctor Brewing Company to debut two new beers under the Breedbrew brand.

The first is Breedbrew Perseverance Pale Ale and then there’s Breedbrew Live For This Lager a non-alcoholic beer for the straight-edge crew.

This from the band…

Live music and touring are beginning to come back strong and what better way to celebrate than with the release of a new Breed Brew? Hatebreed have once again partnered with Southington, Connecticut’s Witchdoctor Brewing and Poughkeepsie, New York’s Half Time Beverage to bring you ‘Perseverance Pale Ale.’

We’ve kicked it up a notch with this hop-forward, crisp, and malty-flavored 5.8% banger, perfectly bridging the gap between a heavy stout and a lighter lager.

“For those fans who don’t consume alcohol, we sure as hell didn’t forget about you, either. We now have a smooth, crisp, and non-alcoholic version of our well-received ‘Live For This Lager’ in a limited edition blue can.”

Hatebreed will be touring later this summer and with Megadeth…


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