New IPA Crafted Using Artificial Intelligence

, New IPA Crafted Using Artificial Intelligence

Jash Vira (left) Christopher Fusco (center) with Barossa Valley’s Deham D’Silva: Courtesy University of Adelaide

Brewing beer has just gotten a new high-tech take, thanks to students at University of Adelaide in Australia who created a beer designed by artificial intelligence.

We’ve come a long way from the Terminator.

Here’s the deal…

, New IPA Crafted Using Artificial IntelligenceStudents at the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning, partnered with Barossa Valley Brewing to brew one of the first IPAs in the world designed entirely artificial intelligence (AI).

As part of their machine learning internship, two computer science students, Christopher Fusco and Jash Vira, created a neural network that was able to learn how to make beer by studying a vast trove of brewing records.

Working with the university’s machine learning researchers and Barossa Valley brewers, Fusco and Vira compiled more than 260,000 craft beer recipes available online, eventually creating a neural network that learned how to make beer by studying the extensive brewing data set.

But if creating AI that can make its own beer wasn’t challenging enough, creating AI that can actually make a GOOD BEER was significantly more demanding.

“That was actually very difficult,” Fusco said. “We had to come up with our own mathematical formula using statistics from those original recipes.”

The students neural network produced recipes with around 60 data points, that included not just the required ingredients and quantities, but also specific process information such as how to handle the hops, the yeast fermentation temperature, and boil times; as well as predictive indicators for bitterness, color and  alcohol content.

, New IPA Crafted Using Artificial IntelligenceFusco and Vira ended up generating 200,000 new recipes, and then trained a neural network to pick the best ones and rank them.

And at first cautious about the project, Denham D’Silva the founder of Barossa Valley Brewing, the brewery that crafted the IPA, is now a believer… “It tastes like the future! It’s a fruit driven IPA which I am very proud of.”

Named in honor of Rodney Brooks, an Australian robotics pioneer and co-founder of iRobot, the company behind the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, Rodney AI²PA will be available for sale in Australia early next year.

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