Lucky Saint Launches Ad Campaign With Beer-Drinking Nuns

Well they’re not actually nuns, they are saintly looking models promoting a new beer. But it is an eye-catching introduction to a British unfiltered, 0.5% ABV lager, that hopes to cash in on the growing low/no alcohol trend

nuns, Lucky Saint Launches Ad Campaign With Beer-Drinking Nuns

Founded by Luke Boase, Lucky Saint is the newest entrant into the buzz-less beer movement, but his advertising will soon be featured in posters all over London…And given their imagery we’ve no doubt that many of them will be making their way onto college dorm walls in 2019.

Brewed in Germany, using crisp spring water from Bavaria, Lucky Saint is only 53 calories per bottle and the unfiltered lager combines Pilsner malt with Hallertau hops in a “tailored brewing process” which successfully “retains its character and flavor.”

Lucky Saint’s new advertising and marketing campaign featuring black and white images of nuns shot by British photographer, Rankin.

nuns, Lucky Saint Launches Ad Campaign With Beer-Drinking Nuns

Produced along with creative agency Karmarama, the black and white images feature nuns holding a bottle of Lucky Saint beer, with a reference to a bible passage, specifically 1 Peter 5:8, which reads …

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

nuns, Lucky Saint Launches Ad Campaign With Beer-Drinking Nuns

Describing its product as “unfiltered, uncompromising and unapologetic” Lucky Saint argues that it doesn’t taste like an alcohol-free beer because it’s not brewed like one…

”We left no stone unturned looking for a unique way to brew better. From our step mash technique and wort run-off to fermentation and dry hopping, we honed the process for each of our beers in pursuit”

But no matter how Lucky Saint’s beers are eventually received…their new advertising campaign is as compelling as it is topical…

And although It’s our understanding that the Pope has not yet weighed in on Lucky Saint’s advertising campaign, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Vatican requests a number of these posters be sent their way immediately…

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