Iceland Beer Spa A True Beer Destination

, Iceland Beer Spa A True Beer Destination

(Courtesy Bjórböðin Beer Spa)

The term “beer destination” is sometime used too freely by beer journalists, including us. But this beer spa in Northern Iceland is a journey well worth taking.

Here’s the deal….

Iceland is a mind-blowing location, there’s a reason that much of Game of Thrones was filmed there.

Set at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, this island country is volcanic, and it’s powered by thermal water sources. What trees it has are dwarfed by its sub-arctic weather and there are ancient forests that barely make it to your waist.

It’s summers hardly dim and its winter’s barely light. And then there’s its northern lights, which put on a 4th of July level light show from horizon to horizon on the darker nights. With its dramatic glacial mountains, towering waterfalls and powerful rivers the country couldn’t be more otherworldly. Yeah, Iceland’s got it going on.

, Iceland Beer Spa A True Beer Destination

(Courtesy Bjórböðin Beer Spa)

If ever there was a place where relaxing in an herbal tub of what is known as ‘young beer’ qualifies as a world-class “beer destination,” Iceland’s Bjórböðin Beer Spa is it.

Located in a small town in Northern Iceland, with a trippy mountain and fjord vista that’s also home to its own craft brewery, the Bjórböðin Beer Spa offers seven thermal water baths, made from Kambala wood where visitors can unwind from their Icelandic adventures in a soothing mix of beer, water, hops and yeast.

And while the young beer you’ll be soaking in doesn’t contain alcohol, (which is definitely not good for skin), every tub room has beer on tap to enjoy while you’re soaking away.

As for the positive health benefits of soaking in beer, the Bjórböðin Beer Spa is pretty passionate about that…

, Iceland Beer Spa A True Beer Destination

(Courtesy Bjórböðin Beer Spa)

This from their website…

“The beer we use for the bath is in the early stages of fermentation, and at that stage the beer has very low pH which will tighten and soften your hair follicles and is cleansing for your hair and skin.

“Brewer’s yeast that has gone through the process of fermenting beer, is a great source of nearly the whole Vitamin B scale, which has very revitalizing effect on skin and hair and is also a great source of protein, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

“The beer hops are rich of antioxidants and alpha acids. The oils and minerals from the plant have anti-inflammatory effect to the skin and is also used to decrease the surface blood vessels. Hops are proven to have soothing and relaxing effect on muscles and body.

“We don’t recommend showering for the next 3 to 5 hours after the bath because it will have very revitalizing and softening effect on skin and hair.”

Bottom Line…American Craft Beer has long viewed drinking as an experience. Even a lesser beer becomes a better mood-enhancing experience in a powerful environment…

And things don’t get more powerful or relaxing than at the Bjórböðin Beer Spa in Iceland, a true beer destination if ever there was one.


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