Best Beer Destinations – The Beer Spas Of Prague

spa, Best Beer Destinations – The Beer Spas Of Prague

Beer tourism has grown into a world-wide enterprise. And now Eastern European cities like Prague and are championing beer spas and inviting beer pilgrims to dive into steaming pools of hops.

Prague currently has not one but two beer spas. Run by the same company Spa Beerland and Beer Spa both specialize in the wonders of beer- fueled relaxation.

Both locations offer visitors the exotic opportunity to bathe in hand-made, Royal Oak tubs filled with the natural extracts used to brew Czech Krušovice® beer.

But before you book your flight to Prague you need to understand that you’ll not actually soaking in beer.

What you’re doing is immersing yourself in herbs and extracts commonly used to brew beer, not the beer itself…but still it’s supposed to work, Best Beer Destinations – The Beer Spas Of Prague

According to the spa, this therapeutic mixture of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt they offer is good for you for all kinds of reasons…

The hop’s high oil content is said to open pores and contribute to your skin’s overall vitality which should help temper that barroom pallor you see in the mirror.

Plus the high dose of vitamin B and active enzymes in brewer’s yeast are said to be beneficial to skin regeneration.

In addition to aiding in your recovery from your first night on the town in Prague, soaking for hours in the beer spa’s unique combination of natural ingredients will help stimulate your metabolism, remove harmful substances from the body and ease you into an almost Zen state of mental and physical  relaxation.

And while you’re detoxing…you don’t have to detox completely…

Every beer bath comes with its own draft tap that allows you to enjoy UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of genuine Czech Krušovice® beer (a light and a dark lager) without ever leaving the medicinal comfort of your tub…

You might have to exit your warm pool of health on occasion when nature calls (you are after all drinking beer). And we have to admit that we worry that many may not…so there’s that.

spa, Best Beer Destinations – The Beer Spas Of Prague

In addition to the revitalizing herbal beer bath, visitors to both locations are invited to cap off their experience with a sauna and a nap on a bed of wheat straw that supposedly encourages the absorption of all vitamins and extracts from the beer bath.

End your day at either of Prague’s two beer spas, relaxing by the fire (which is hopefully a safe distance wheat straw beds) enjoying all the fresh HOME-MADE BEER BREAD your reinvigorated body desires.

Does it get any better that this?

We’re thinking not…And you book your next trip to beer-enhanced nirvana HERE.

All photo credits: Beer Spa & Spa Beer Land

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