Heineken Announces “Bring Your Beer To Work Day”

Heineken, Heineken Announces “Bring Your Beer To Work Day”

To help launch its newest alcohol-free beer, Heineken has introduced “Bring Your Beer To Work Day.” And they’ve reunited two popular TV stars from The Office, to help them hype it

Here’s the deal…

One of the drink’s industry’s fastest growing segment is low and no alcohol beers and Heineken wants a piece of that action…

In 2017, the Dutch brewing giant introduced Heineken 0.0 to Europe where the demand for “zero alcohol beer has grown an astounding 5 percent every year from 2010 to 2015.

Backed by a huge $7.9 million campaign Heineken 0.0 has grown an exceptionally loyal following in the United Kingdom where interest low and non-alcoholic drinks has accelerated to the degree that there are now sober drink festivals in London.

It’s reportedly now available 30 countries and Heineken is introducing its buzz-less beer to the states.

And to help up Heineken 0.0’s profile in the US, they hired former co-stars Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner (aka Angela and Kevin from The Office) and reunited the comedians to pass out beers at an actual office.

Here’s the video (which may or may not go viral).

The beer, which first went to US retail on January 9, is said to taste a lot like the classic (it better). It is crafted just as most of the brewery’s beers are, only the alcohol is removed just before bottling.

And at only 69 calories Heineken 0.0 has begun to gain traction in the US.

The company’s initial launch in 2019 came with an ad campaign centered on #NowYouCan scenarios like dinking behind the wheel.  And with the launch of its current “Bring Your Beer To Work Day” strategy Heineken is continuing to build on that message, only adding some welcome humor.Heineken, Heineken Announces “Bring Your Beer To Work Day”

Heineken 0.0’s journey to the market place is an interesting one.

Turns out the brewery had originally been working on two separate versions of an alcohol-free prototype and neither one of them were getting the job done.

But then Heineken’s brewing team began blending both beers together till they came up with the final product that would eventually become Heineken 0.0.

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