Haters Troll New Carlsberg Pilsner

Carlsberg, Haters Troll New Carlsberg Pilsner

Although Carlsberg beer is largely an afterthought in the US, it has a substantial presence in the UK and in Europe. But that presence has been declining over the years and the company is taking a counter-intuitive approach to turning things around and admitting that its beer sucks

And the brewer did not play it safe. Carlsberg gave its core brand a complete facelift, changing everything from the beer’s recipe, to its packaging, it’s glassware, as well as its marketing.

It’s a ballsy strategy that speaks to just how competitive the beer biz has become today. And the need for big brewers to do something truly audacious in today’s world of multi-media overload, if you hope to survive.

And to promote the new brew, Carlsberg is running a follow-up to the campaign on Twitter which, as the Drinks Business made clear, brought out the haters big-time…


“Pretty tasteless.”

— Panopticophobic (@panopticophobic) May 1, 2019


“If Carlsberg invested the time and resources into the ingredients of their products they would truly stand out from the other big breweries. Fact is after trying the #newbrew which made both me and my wife feel rotten the next day I will NEVER buy Carlsberg product again EVER.”

— John Roger O’Hanlon (@BanksPrinters) May 2, 2019

Carlsberg, Haters Troll New Carlsberg Pilsner —-

“The new brew is horrid 🤮 sorry 😫 was a loyal Carlsberg drinker but had to move to carling and I HATED carling before. Says it’s all” 😂

— Laura Carnall (@laurajcarnall) April 20, 2019


Yes we get it, you rebrewed your beer as you lost your market share and as a desperate attempt to appeal to new drinkers, however you did not consult your faithful drinkers who you have insulted by suggesting the beer they love is inferior and your new brew is better. #newbrew

— Sy B (@SYBPRS) April 30, 2019


“Probably the worst pint in the world.”

— Anthony (@shotinthedark19) April 30, 2019


“Carlsberg is probably the worst drink in the world! #newbrew

— Dan Cooper (@dan1el88) May 2, 2019

“Absolutely awful”

— Sam Furr (@spfurr94) May 1, 2019


In addition to its new taste and its new eco-progressive packaging, Carlsberg’s pilsner will also see its price rise.

Which is a brave a move for a brewery trying to revive its brand by admitting to corporate hubris, doing a complete product facelift…and hoping that beer lovers will give you a second chance.

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