Good Books – The Dogfish Head Book

, Good Books – The Dogfish Head BookAmerican Craft Beer delivers craft beer news and lifestyle 24/7 and because we do, we’re sometimes sent books to review. And we recently received a new book of stories, photos and off-centered memories that celebrates Dogfish Head’s 26 years of brewing.

Written by Sam Calagione along with his wife Mariah Calagione and Andrew Greeley who’s been with them for much of the journey, The Dogfish Head Book: 26 Years of Off-Centered Adventures was originally conceived to mark the brewery’s 25 years in the biz. But then COVID happened, which just as with the brewing industry deeply impacted the publishing world forcing their publisher moved its release date to 2021.

Rich with the photographs, stories and the beers that make up the brewery’s quarter-century history The Dogfish Head Book is an immensely entertaining and fluid read that’s as good-natured and random as the kinds of stories that friends share over their second or third beer.

It’s also a book to be sipped, savored and returned to.

The book’s look, layout, art, color and overall vibe was designed by Dogfish Head’s Creative Director Paul Thens. And to call it a coffee-table book might be fair, if the stories told weren’t so damn fun and engaging.

This from Sam Calagione, a bigger than life personality and one of those individuals who has made the craft beer industry even more fun…

“We shared so many wonderful memories about our journey together to create and develop Dogfish Head into what it is today, and I could not be more thankful for their help bringing this new book, and the brand as a whole, to life.”

, Good Books – The Dogfish Head Book

Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione

“Writing The Dogfish Head Book: 25 Years of Off-Centered Adventures alongside Andrew and my wife, Mariah, was an amazing experience.”

“When we first opened and were hand-bottling all our beers, I never imagined that Dogfish Head’s off-centered ales would one day be distributed to all 50 states, let alone that our name would be known by craft beer and spirits aficionados world-wide. It is astonishing and truly humbling.”

The Dogfish Head Book is finally available on October 19. And in a world, that may already have too many beer nooks, this one’s a keeper.

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