Best Beer Books – 2019 Holiday Edition

, Best Beer Books – 2019 Holiday Edition

Great books, like great beer, never go out of style.  And with the holiday shopping season now ON, we’re showcasing some of the year’s best books for craft beer fans, homebrewers and brewing professionals.

Drink Better Beer by Joshua M. Bernstein

A renowned Brooklyn-based beer, spirits, food, and travel journalist, Joshua M. Bernstein has already authored three of our favorite beer books, Brewed Awakening, The Complete Beer Course and Complete IPA. And with the release of his latest, we think he’s done it again.

, Best Beer Books – 2019 Holiday EditionWho better to learn the intricacies of beer than from the professionals that live in that world? In Drink Better Beer, Bernstein taps into the insights of more than 100 professionals, including competition judges, beer consultants, and master brewers and delivers one of the smartest and most entertaining beer books of 2019.

Drink Better Beer will help you shop smarter by heeding two simple rules. Learn the art of selecting the right glass, cleaning it, and how to pull off the perfect pour. Decipher beer aromas with just a couple of sniffing tricks. Unlock the taste secrets of different styles. Learn how to know if your favorite beer store is treating their beer the way they should.

With more than 7,500 US breweries now online, the beer world has gotten increasingly complicated. And Bernstein’s newest guide to serious drinking will help you up your beer game while keeping things both informative and fun.

Artisanal Small Batch Brewing: Easy Homemade Wines, Beers, Meads and Ciders by Amber Shehan

, Best Beer Books – 2019 Holiday EditionHomebrewing can be intimidating, but Amber Shehan’s Artisanal Small-Batch Brewing brilliantly simplifies the small-batch process for beginners and experts alike.

Shehan, an herbalist who resides in the Appalachian Mountain near Asheville, NC, brings together her strong sense of place and extensive knowledge of culinary and medicinal herbs, wildflowers and plants in this delicious collection of artisan drinks that demystify brewing at home.

Packed with time and money-saving recipes that are inventive and potent, Artisanal Small-Batch Brewing has all the brewing know-how you’ll need to create flavorful small batch wonders at home.


The Microbrewery Handbook: Craft, Brew, and Build Your Own Microbrewery Success by DC Reeves

, Best Beer Books – 2019 Holiday EditionMore craft breweries are opening that ever before. If your one of the many thinking about brewing professionally, professional advice is always welcome. And DC Reeves, who founded Pensacola, Florida-based Perfect Plain Brewing, has written a serious guide to help ensure your success.

Brewing a great tasting beer is just the beginning of the journey and The Microbrewery Handbook details the many elements necessary to create, grow and sustain a successful business in today’s uber-saturated craft beer market.

Filled with insight from industry experts including Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Jeffrey Stuffings of Jester King, The Microbrewery Handbook offers practical guidance on everything from the basics of brewing to the financial and business side of opening a brewery.

Showcasing what works in the industry and, just as importantly, what doesn’t, The Microbrewery Handbook is an essential read for anyone thinking about brewing professionally.

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