Get “Toasted” On New Beers Brewed With Recycled Bread

, Get “Toasted” On New Beers Brewed With Recycled BreadA hundred years from now, beer historians may look back and acknowledge that beer ended up being brewed using practically everything.

And in a world where a pale ale can be brewed using recycled sewer water, a beer brewed using surplus bread seems like an environmentally sound way to get toasted.

Did you know 44% of all bread produced ends up being wasted? We didn’t. But Toast Ale, a UK company is all about spreading that word – and they’re on a mission to turn bread that might be wasted, into beer (so now you can get wasted).

All kidding aside… wasted food in any society is a shame. And the idea that surplus bread that would otherwise be discarded might become a core ingredient for beer (especially if that beer’s decent) makes all the sense in the world and is certainly in tune with the sustainability ethos so prevalent among many craft brewers.

Hey we like toast as much as anyone…But beer? We love beer.

And while we remain interested in the whole beer from sewer water thing, we can’t help but feel more comfortable about this brewing option…just sayin’.

, Get “Toasted” On New Beers Brewed With Recycled BreadToast Ale is currently contracting the actual brewing of their flagship creations (a Lager, a Pale Ale and a Session IPA) to Hambleton Ales in Yorkshire, and they’re currently looking to crowdfund their way into the states.

And all the profits from Toast Ale sales over in the UK go to Feedback, an environmental organization that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system.



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