Cinematic 805 Beer Video Celebrates Cutting-Edge Female Athletes And Artists

, Cinematic 805 Beer Video Celebrates Cutting-Edge Female Athletes And Artists

(Ashmore Ellis: Courtesy 805 Beer)

If you care about beer, you’re probably very familiar with Firestone Walker’s 805 Blonde Ale. It was originally conceived as a Central Coast California-only year-round release, an every-day anytime beer that immediately caught fire and spread well beyond its uber-local aspirations.

805 is a phenomenon in the beer biz, a rising craft beer flagship at a time when most flagships are taking water.

The 805 brand also has some of the coolest beer marketing we’ve ever seen. Unlike most beer campaigns it is almost totally lifestyle oriented, California lifestyle, in particular. Their cinematic video productions are incredibly engaging, and 805’s latest effort which features an all-female cast of unique athletes and creators, known as “Authenticos,”  continues that run.

The ad spot, which dropped on March 8 (International Women’s Day), features a cinematic look at these unique athletes and artists, their world and a beer.

The 805 Beer Authenticos featured in the spot include X-Games gold medalist and freestyle moto icon Vicki Golden, professional MMA fighter Tabatha Ricci, Babes Ride Out founders Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis, singer-songwriter Jade Jackson, and thru rider and explorer Gillian Larson.

The campaign belongs to an even more expansive effort, the largest in 805’s history, a bold combination of immersive culture marketing, strategic partnerships, and the brand’s continued commitment to world-class storytelling through 805 Films and other content.

Upcoming programming includes:

  • The release of the 805 Beer short film “Reaching The Unknown” featuring professional thru rider and explorer Gillian Larson.
  • 805 Beer’s continued partnership with Babes Ride Out, the world’s largest women-only motorcycle movement, has been ongoing for over a decade.
  • The launch of a female-inspired apparel line from 805 Beer with Authentico and ATWYLD co-founder Anya Violet which launched March 15th.
  • 805 Beer’s partnership with Over and Out Moto, Vicki Golden’s women’s moto camp, focuses on teaching dirt bike skills to women of all levels.
, Cinematic 805 Beer Video Celebrates Cutting-Edge Female Athletes And Artists

(Jade Jackson: Courtesy 805 Beer)

“We have an ongoing mission as a company to highlight and support Authenticos who don’t just work hard to achieve their dreams, but also to inspire and create a platform for others,” said Dustin Hinz, Chief Marketing Officer for Firestone Walker. “Fueled by a constant pursuit of the path less traveled, it’s the essence of these compelling stories that connects 805 Beer with drinkers who share our passion and values for a life well lived.

“As a brand and community, we are grateful to celebrate these amazing individuals not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.”


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