BrewDog Launches Bar Stool Beer School

BrewDog has run ‘Beer Schools’ in their UK bars for years, but soon they’ll be offering planned drinking sessions hosted by Cicerone-trained bar crewmembers that affords a more intimate learning experience that happily comes with a buzz.

First alluded to as part of BrewDog’s Blueprint, the Scottish punk brewer’s manifesto for the next decade, Bar Stool Beer School offers a casual 30-minute opportunity to enjoy a selection of small tasters of BrewDog’s core beers with experts that live beer.

Those who sign on for BrewDog’s beer education will  be guided by a Cicerone-trained team that will talk  craft beer newbies through the beers and how each one is crafted in a casual and much more intimate setting

The whole things designed to be relaxed, informal, and fun…BrewDog’s new beer classes offers smaller classes (never larger than eight people)  where beer beginners can ask all the questions they want without feeling intimidated by what they don’t know.

Each Bar Stool Beer School session will last thirty minutes and BrewDog’s bars will be running up to three per day starting in January.

And everyone who attends will be given a selection of tasters of four BrewDog Headliner Series beers along with a nifty tasting guide to help guide the journey.

Popular beer styles and their history will be explored and explained…and they’ll school you on the best way to taste and even critique beer.

You’ll leave a beer genius. Plus if you pass (and we’ve no doubt that you will) you’ll receive a ‘Certified Beer Geek’ badge…so there’s that as well!

BrewDog’s Bar Stool Beer School is just part of the brewery’s commitment to growing its next wave of craft beer lovers and like so much of what the company does, it’s a fun idea and that also makes tremendous business sense.

And in a short while BrewDog hopes to expand the concept beyond its UK shores (maybe Reykjavik or even Budapest)

So stay tuned more beer education!

All image credits: BrewDog

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