BrewDog Delivers On 3 Ambitous Promises For 2019

BrewDog, BrewDog Delivers On 3 Ambitous Promises For 2019

BrewDog OverWorks Taproom

Last October Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog, unveiled something they called ‘The BrewDog Blueprint’…an ambitious business manifesto that they hoped to initiate in 2019.

And they are staying true to their 20 page “blueprint” and here are some of the bold things that they’ve already put into play this year.

BrewDog OverWorks

Bottling woes at BrewDog’s OverWorks wild ale facility in Scotland which was planned to open 2018, set things back. But that highly anticipated launch did happen in February. And after almost two years of careful preparation and construction, BrewDog’s “Temple to Tartness” is officially open to the public.

OverWorks is currently being helmed by Richard Kilcullen, the former head of Sour Production at Wicked Weed and an alternative fermentation Yoda, and BrewDog Wild Ales now available in the UK.

BrewDog, BrewDog Delivers On 3 Ambitous Promises For 2019

BrewDog Airlines

In February BrewDog Airlines flew over 200 Equity Punks direct from London to Columbus for two days of beer-infused fun that included an extensive VIP visit to BrewDog’s US Brewery and a stay at the DogHouse Columbus.

It was high times on board, BrewDog’s Boeing 767. The plane was well-stocked with an endless supply of BrewDog offerings and even a special IPA that was tapped at 35,000 ft.

And in addition to a non-stop beer beverage service and spirits from its sister company LoneWolf distillery. Air BrewDog passengers also received a special care package including a BrewDog eye mask and a BrewDog blanket not that anyone used them, or even considered stopping drinking.

And BrewDog had such a blast with its new Airlines that they are doing it all again in November!

Hop Hub

BrewDog’s new distribution center in Scotland, Hop Hub, is now  fully operational.BrewDog, BrewDog Delivers On 3 Ambitous Promises For 2019

BrewDog’s Hop Hub, a 130,000 sq. ft. mega-warehouse based just outside Glasgow and Europe’s first fully-refrigerated beer facility for national distribution, serves as the backbone for BrewDog’s ambitious effort to provide the United Kingdom and Europe with FRESH beer that will never be more than 30 days old.

Hop Hub is outfitted with six colossal chillers that blast out cold air 24/7 and ensure that the over 1 million cans of craft beer it can receive every day, will never experience ambient temperature.

And in keeping BrewDog’s commercial instincts Hop Hub also features a small tap room and takeaway shop, so Glasgow has a new hang.

All image credits: BrewDog

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