Overworks Taproom – BrewDog’s Temple To Tartness Opens!

And a Friday the 13th opening no less…Clearly BrewDog is throwing caution to the wind in support of their growing commitment to alternative fermentation!

In fact they’re so serious about this new wild direction that they hired Richard Kilcullen, the former head of Sour Production at Wicked Weed and an alternative fermentation Yoda. And they’ve built an entirely new stand-alone sour and wild facility across from their main production in Scotland which they humbly call their ‘temple to tartness.’

And now after almost two years of careful preparation and construction, OverWorks is officially open to the public.

As we’ve reported Kilcullen and crew have been exhaustively pulling together a world of diverse pieces all in the name of things getting considerably wilder.

Overworks Coolship

Ten 50HL Italian foudres and eight 100HL foudres have been assembled and they’ve been nurturing more than eight wild cultures for months.

The Overworks lab is finally completed…and their 50HL coolship (an open-air fermentation vessel) has its own special room.

Last December Kilcullen began harnessing some of Ellon, Scotland’s windblown flora used to produce Overworks’ wild wonders and the results of his effort are now on full display…

Here are just a few of the OverWorks beers that they’ll be pouring from the twelve-tap taproom, along with sour beers from guest breweries that BrewDog respects…

Rhus – a blended tart Saison with raspberries, sumac and white peppercorns

Sleekit Sour – a barrel-aged sour with native Scottish wild yeast

Gimmie Sugar – A Brettanomyces-fermented Saison with rhubarb and strawberries

Pinyin – Brettanomyces-fermented Saison with Oolong and Jasmin tea

OverWorks taproom, which is located directly over the road from the Ellon brewery, is the latest addition to BrewDog’s growing empire, but with plans for a hotel in Scotland, a new brewery in Australia, and another in China we assure you it won’t be their last.

All image credits: BrewDog

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