Blue Moon LightSky Beer Gets Serious About Not Being Serious

, Blue Moon LightSky Beer Gets Serious About Not Being Serious

(Courtresy Blue Moon Brewing)

Molson Coors’ Blue Moon LightSky beer has launched a new campaign that hopes to attract younger beer lovers.

Here’s the deal…

Blue Moon LightSky, a 4% ABV Wheat Ale with only 95 calories, is kicking off a new spring campaign that seeks to fortify its flavor cred and attract a new generation of drinkers.

The “Serious on Flavor. Light on Serious” campaign is built around a new ad that celebrates warm weather and outdoor drinking. And the spot is airing during college basketball’s March Madness tournaments so you know that Molson Coors is “serious” about its placement.

The ad features two guys dressed up for golf, discussing the intricate flavors they pick up while sipping a LightSky Citrus Wheat (“Am I picking up a hint of citrus on the palate?”). It cuts away to reveal they are playing mini golf. “Serious on flavor, light on serious,” a voiceover says.

“LightSky is serious where it matters, like flavor, but light on everything else,” Rose Sokolnik, senior marketing manager for Blue Moon Brewing Company brands told Beer & Beyond. “That includes calories (95), carbs (less than 3.7g) and ABV (4%) per 12-ounce can for both its Citrus Wheat and Tropical Wheat varieties, both of which use real citrus peel to provide a noticeably refreshing finish.”

The humorous spot is but Blue Moon Brewing’s latest effort to showcase the company’s “craft” offerings, which also include Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, Mango Wheat and Moon Haze IPA.

LightSky has quickly eclipsed other leading craft brands in sales, including Boston Beer’s Dogfish Head, Sweetwater Brewing Co. and Deschutes Brewing, each of which are among the top 10 craft breweries in the US as measured by the Brewers Association, which does not consider Blue Moon to be true “craft beer” according to its definition.

“LightSky’s got some traction among younger legal-age drinkers, there’s no question about it,” Sokolnik added. “There’s a huge opportunity for LightSky, and Blue Moon as a whole, to recruit new customers.”

“We think 2023 is going to be a big year for the brand.”

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