Best UK Cities For Craft Beer And Pubs

, Best UK Cities For Craft Beer And Pubs

(London a Top 3 UK beer destination)

The United Kingdom is one of our favorite beer destinations and now a new study has revealed its best drinking cities and beers.

The study by Bionic, an online comparison service, combined data from and Untappd to come with the best UK cities for craft beer and pub lounging. The study combined data on customer reviews, number of unique beers and the number of top rated pubs and microbreweries in each city to create the ranking.

, Best UK Cities For Craft Beer And PubsAccording to Bionic’s findings the top 3 best UK cities for pubs and serious craft beer were Newcastle followed by Manchester and London.

Newcastle is the most populous city and metropolitan borough in North East England and the eighth biggest city in Britain. It’s also huge university town with a thriving nightlife scene. And according to the study “the city has 1,276 pubs in total and its Untappd data boasts 343 unique beers on offer from Newcastle’s top four breweries alone.”

Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage and the country’s fifth largest population in the country. Renowned for its rich “indie meets psychedelic” music in the late 80s,  it’s also home to taprooms from UK brewing leaders like Northern Monk and Cloudwater as well as 1600 independent pubs.

Unsurprisingly, London also made the top three, coming in at third place. It has the largest number of pubs, according to the findings, a stunning 5,800 pubs, 260% more pubs than the northern cities of Newcastle and Manchester. It is also home to four top-rated breweries which serve a combined total of 552 unique beers (again this is Untappd data).

, Best UK Cities For Craft Beer And PubsA study that incorporates pubs and craft beer is rare. In the UK pubs are known for serving traditional cask ales rather than craft beer. Scotland-headquartered BrewDog champions its network of craft beer “bars” not pubs.

And Glyn Britton, chief customer officer at Bionic, seemed to show a little preference reflecting on the craft taproom experience…

“When you purchase a pint from a craft microbrewery, the person serving you has most likely toiled over your pint, brewing it by hand. They’re proud of their product, and will happily give you the history, the taste notes and the reasoning behind why they’ve brewed it. The entire experience is, well, an experience. It’s enjoyable, you get a real feel for the beer you’re drinking.” 


H/T The Drinks Business for their help with this.

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