Best Beer Books – 2022 Holiday Edition

, Best Beer Books – 2022 Holiday Edition

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Great books, like great beer, never go out of style.  And with the holiday shopping season now ON, we’re showcasing some of the year’s best craft best books for both fans, homebrewers and brewing professionals.

The Book of Hops by Dan DiSorbo

Here’s what this book is not. It’s not a lengthy scientific dissertation on hops. Nor is it a step-by-step technical manual on brewing. Conceptually unique and beautifully illustrated, The Book of Hops: A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to Hoppiness melds the instincts of a fine coffee table art book with a soliloquy on what makes beer sing, the hop.

, Best Beer Books – 2022 Holiday EditionFeaturing striking photos by Erik Christiansen, The Book of Hops explores the symbiotic relationship between hops and craft beer in a straightforward and sometimesnpoetic manner.

“The best-loved craft beers and breweries would not exist without hops, writes author DiSorbo. “Utilizing simple words, infographics and ridiculously detailed photos, think of this guide as a new drinking companion on your way to becoming an enlightened hophead.”

In addition to its totally gorgeous images of hop’s many varieties, The Book of Hops offers a handy primer section breaks down the science, story and production of beer, including a guide to key ingredients, the brewing process and even the right glass for the right beer.

The book also details key beer styles, from Pale Ales and Pilsners to Imperial Stouts and New England IPAs, with a brief history and summary of each style’s taste profile.

With contributions from today’s most important brewers and growers, along with hundreds of hand-picked craft beer recommendations throughout, The Book of Hops is a hophead’s essential and one of the best beer books of 2022.

Drink Better Beer by Joshua M. Bernstein

A renowned Brooklyn-based beer, spirits, food, and travel journalist, Joshua M. Bernstein has already authored three of our favorite beer books, Brewed Awakening, The Complete Beer Course and Complete IPA. And he’s done it again.

, Best Beer Books – 2022 Holiday EditionWho better to learn the intricacies of beer than from the professionals that live in that world? In Drink Better Beer, Bernstein taps into the insights of more than 100 professionals, including competition judges, beer consultants, and master brewers and delivers one his most entertaining books yet.

Find out how to shop smarter by heeding two simple rules. Learn the art of selecting the right glass, cleaning it, and how to pull off the perfect pour. Decipher beer aromas with just a couple of sniffing tricks. Unlock the taste secrets of different styles. Learn how to know if your favorite beer store is treating their beer the way they should.

With more than 9000 US breweries all doing their own things, the beer world has gotten complicated but Bernstein’s Drink Better Beer will help you navigate things in a conversational manner that’s informative and fun.

Hooray for Craft Beer by Em Sauter

Em Sauter is an award-winning cartoonist with a MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies, She’s an Advanced Cicerone, a BJCP Certified Beer Judge who has participated in beer competitions all around the world. She’s also the artist behind Pints and Panels, a brilliant visual beer education site that’s both smart and witty.

, Best Beer Books – 2022 Holiday EditionAnd now she’s the author of Hooray for Craft Beer!: An Illustrated Guide to Beer.

Written and illustrated by a one-of-a-kind talent, this truly original book a takes the reader on a humorous beer journey that is as simple and easy to read as it is immensely inventive, educational and fun.

If you’re a fan of craft beer and cartooning this book will have you at “Hey, I’m Em!”


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