Lakewood Goatman

Lakewood Brewing Company (Garland, TX)
India Black Lager, special | 9.3% ABV


The third release in our Legendary Series, Goatman is quite a unique beer, similar to its namesake. It's inspired by the hairy and horned, territorial terror that is said to live around the White Rock Lake area. Legend has it that joggers, hikers and picnickers have been startled by this 7 ft. tall beast with a nasty attitude, dodging flying trash and even the occasional old tire. What better way to celebrate such a dark creature than with a dark creation of our own? This hybrid of a brew is a melding of a West Coast Black IPA and a German-style Schwarzbier, encompassing all of the sticky, dank, bitter bite you love, with a smooth, roasted, semi-sweet malt body balancing it all out. It's enough to curl your toes - or maybe your hooves.

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