Cambridge Brewing Weekapaug Gruit Ale

Cambridge Brewing Company (Cambridge, MA)
spring | 5,5% ABV


Produced for centuries, long before the use of hops, Gruit (pronounced "grew-it" or "groot") was what beer was throughout the Middle Ages. Our contemporary interpretation of gruit is brewed with malted barley, wheat, and oats, and fermented with our Belgian yeast. It also incorporates the traditional brewing herbs sweet gale, yarrow, and wild rosemary, along with Labrador tea, licorice root and nettles, all organic and wildcrafted. This full-bodied, deep amber ale has a pleasant herbal tea-like aroma and flavor balanced by rich malt character, followed by a satisfying, dry finish and a hint of tartness. So whether you're enjoying it with phriends or with phamily, we're all sharin' in the Weekapaug Gruit!

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