Beer Alert: New Small-Batch Pilsners And Imperial Stouts

, Beer Alert: New Small-Batch Pilsners And Imperial Stouts

(Courtesy AleSmith Brewing)

2023 is ON and American craft brewers are addressing the new year with exciting new beers you’re gonna want to have around.

Stout Stuff (San Diego, CA) – Forged in 1995, AleSmith Brewing has been recognized as one of the world’s foremost craft brewing companies. Their beers are always worth chasing down, and their Speedway Stout variations never disappoint. And now the award-winning brewery is releasing its first 2023 variation of their iconic Imperial Stout with coffee that will be available nationwide in 16oz 4-pack cans starting this month.

An intoxicating combination of smooth coffee and rich chocolate flavors with subtle notes of caramel and sea salt, AleSmith Speedway Stout: Salted Caramel Brownie Edition is a robust 12% ABV Imperial Stout with roasty aromas, bold espresso flavors, sweet notes of caramel, and a smooth balance between bitter chocolate and salty sweetness.

“Speedway Stout has been a staple for us for decades and we wanted to take it to the next level this year by introducing this special variant,” said Ryan Crisp, Director of Brewing Operations at AleSmith Brewing Company. “We decided to go with salted caramel brownie because we knew our fans would enjoy its unique flavor profile while still being able to recognize the classic Speedway Stout taste they know and love.”

, Beer Alert: New Small-Batch Pilsners And Imperial Stouts

(Courtesy Firestone Walker)

A Powerful Pils (Venice, CA) – The Propagator, Firestone Walker’s hot rod pilot brewery in Venice, California, has teamed up with their friends at Sacramento’s Urban Roots Brewery and released their first new collaboration beer of 2023.

This collaboration with Urban Roots is a result of the years-long friendship between Urban Roots founder Peter Hoey and Firestone Walker Brewmaster Matt Brynildson (both huge Phish fans). And the beer’s name is inspired by Peter and Matt’s favorite Phish song, “Fluffhead.”

Available now for a limited time at Firestone Walker’s online store as well as at its three locations in Paso Robles, Buellton, and Venice, Firestone Phluffhead is a 5.4% ABV take on the German Pilsner that doesn’t quite fit into a stylistic niche.

“Phluffhead was a really cool beer to brewer here at The Propagator because the recipe and approach are a unique departure for us within the pilsner style,” said Propagator Brewery Manager Sam Tierney. “Peter has developed a phenomenal lager program at Urban Roots, and it was a pleasure to channel his perspective into a hop-focused pils where I got to approach just about everything differently, from malt selection to hop varieties and timing.”

, Beer Alert: New Small-Batch Pilsners And Imperial Stouts

(Courtesy Sierra Nevada Brewing)

Uber-Juicy (Chico, CA) – Sierra Nevada Brewing is kicking off 2023 an all-new limited-edition Hazy Series, which was designed to introduce a range of unique and fresh Hazy options for beer fans to explore throughout the year. The very first iteration in this promising series is Sierra Nevada Juicy Little Thing is a 6.5% ABV juice-bomb that was crafted using a specialized yeast strain and Sterling, Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops.


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