Beer Alert: New Pale Ales, Ice Cream Stouts And Radlers

, Beer Alert: New Pale Ales, Ice Cream Stouts And Radlers

(Courtesy WeldWerks Brewing / Little Man Ice Cream)

October is ON and American craft brewers are addressing the changing season with more exciting offerings you’re gonna want have around.

Salted Oreo Ice Cream Beer (Greeley CO) – We don’t why there’s such a synergy between ice cream makers and brewers, but there is.  And now Colorado’s WeldWerks Brewing and Little Man Ice Cream decided to make it happen again.

Crafted with Little Man Ice Cream, and Oreo cookies, WeldWerks Little Man Salted Oreo Stout is a 6.5% ABV limited release with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel and an ice cream sweetness tempered by salt.

New West Coast Radlers (Venice, CA) – For the longest time House Beer did one thing, they brewed an excellent premium craft lager. But now they’ve extended their range to include four different types of Radlers.

, Beer Alert: New Pale Ales, Ice Cream Stouts And Radlers

(Courtesy House Beer)

Basically a Radlers are lagers mixed with fruit juices and its history is wild….

The term Radler originates with a drink called Radlermass (literally “cyclist liter”) that was originally created by an Innkeeper. During the great cycling boom of the Roaring Twenties, the innkeeper created a bicycle trail from Munich, through the woods, which led directly to his drinking establishment. On a beautiful June day in 1922, a reported “13,000 cyclists” crashed his party and running out of beer, he blended it 50/50 with a lemon soda he could never seem to get rid of, and the rest is history.

And now SoCal’s House Beer has its own line of 3.2% ABV premium Radlers. House Beer Radlers come in four different flavors (grapefruit, mango salted lime and tropical) and like their trademark House Lager, they’re all well worth your time.

, Beer Alert: New Pale Ales, Ice Cream Stouts And RadlersGame On!  (Indianapolis, IN) – Every summer, thousands of gamers from all over the globe flock to Indianapolis to take part in Gen Con®, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world.

And for the last 9 years, Sun King brews a beer in tribute to the event.  Back by popular demand Sun King Genevieve is a 6% ABV Belgian/Abbey-Style Amber Ale with malty sweetness and spicy character.


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