Bad Ideas In Brewing – Pretzel Bier

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Pretzel Bier

(Courtesy Snyder’s of Hanover)

We’ll never be fans of Corn Dog and Funnel Cake Beer or troubling concepts like a beer brewed with goose poop and while less egregious than a cricket beer,  the idea of a beer infused with pretzel matter seems misguided even in Oktoberfest season.

Here’s the Deal

Snyder’s of Hanover, a leading pretzel producer has partnered with New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing and created, not one, but two beers brewed with pretzels. And while the pretzel and beer connection is ageless, was anyone really begging for pretzel flavors in their beer?

We think not…

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Pretzel BierThe Snyder Bier collection features two flavors (yep two beers is a collection) – Pretzel Märzen and Pretzel Frücht which Snyder’s describes this way…

Snyder’s Pretzel Märzen is a Märzen style lager that blends a classic Oktoberfest malty taste with soaked notes of slow-baked Snyder’s of Hanover mini pretzels.

And Snyder’s Pretzel Frücht is a sweet, salty and savory Gose style ale brewed with the company’s traditional German style pretzels along with passion fruit and guava, all coexisting in one questionable can.

“With the possibility that Oktoberfest events may need to be cancelled or move to virtual for a second year in a row, we wanted to give consumers an easy way to bring the spirit of the festival home,”  Rachel Sasser, Director of Marketing explained, blatantly playing the COVID-19 card.

And Captain Lawrence Brewing isn’t apologizing either…

“Our team at Captain Lawrence loves the challenge of pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting flavors our fans will love, so when Snyder’s of Hanover reached out to take our partnership a step further, we said game on,” said Scott Vaccaro, Captain Lawrence Founder and Brewmaster.

Bottom Line

To be honest in the world of BAD IDEAS IN BREWING, the concept of pretzel biers is hardly the worst. And its Oktoberfest timing isn’t entirely a stretch either.

But if you found a soggy pretzel in your stein would you see that as a plus? Would you think great, my beer’s gonna taste even better now?

And for those of you who careen around Oktoberfest celebrations with pretzel necklaces around your neck, doesn’t the idea of pretzel beer seem at the very least, redundant, if not gross overkill?

American Craft Beer has long taken the position, that just because pretzels pair smartly with beer, doesn’t mean they EVER belong in your beer…And we can only hope that Captain Lawrence and Snyder’s of Hanover (both fine companies) eventually come to their senses.


That idea not a bad enough for you?

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