Bad Ideas In Brewing – Busch Light Wedding Gowns

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Busch Light Wedding Gowns

(Courtesy Busch / David’s Bridal)

Hey, no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft Beer understand better than most. That said, there are some brewing ideas that should never have happened. And we’re blaming Busch Light for this one.

We’ll never be fans of Corn Dog and Funnel Cake Beer or disturbing concepts like a beer brewed with goose poop. And while less egregious than a cricket beer, the idea of a Busch Light wedding dress just leaves us cold.

Here’s the Deal

We’re not sure that anyone was asking for this, but it’s happened anyway and can’t be taken back.

Busch Light has partnered with David’s Bridal, a now international clothing company that makes wedding dresses and other types of formal apparel.

And the highlight of this partnership is billed as “the ultimate garment for a Busch Light-inspired outdoor enthusiast’s dream wedding: A camouflaged wedding dress inspired by Busch Light Camo cans, which are now available for a limited time.”

, Bad Ideas In Brewing – Busch Light Wedding Gowns

(Courtesy Busch / David’s Bridal)

The Busch Light wedding dress can be purchased in either the camouflage green can style or a more traditional aluminum can-inspired grey. Both wedding dresses feature the not so subtle addition of the word “BUSCHHHHH” weaved into the pattern, as well as a sweep train, side pockets, and an optional coverage panel (whatever those things are).

These limited-edition polyester dresses can currently be found on the David’s Bridal website for pre-order from now until November 26 at the already-discounted price of $749.99. So you’ve been warned.

Bottom Line

In the world of BAD IDEAS IN BREWING, the concept of a Busch Light themed wedding is hardly the worst. But to be honest, if we found out that our bride-to-be had chosen a Busch Beer branded gown for her wedding day, we might have second thoughts.

And it’s not about Busch beer, it was high school favorite and has its place. Just not on the women you’ve chosen to marry and definitely not on your wedding day.


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