A Mayonnaise Beer Brewed Without Mayo Returns

, A Mayonnaise Beer Brewed Without Mayo Returns

(Image credits: Duke’s Mayonnaise & Champion Brewing)

Partnership beers are more times than not just marketing exercises. They’re ways of spreading the juju between brands. Breweries are always tying in with rock bands (the bigger the better) but a partnership with a condiment maker is less sexy, and as a result, less common.

But it does happen….

In 2020 French’s Yellow Mustard partnered with Oskar Blues Brewery to celebrate National Mustard Day, a holiday that maybe two people even know about.

, A Mayonnaise Beer Brewed Without Mayo ReturnsThis “mustard beer” was actually a 5.2% ABV semi-tart tropical Wheat Ale with “hints of key lime, lemon, tangerine, and passion fruit to create a tart, refreshing match for the spice and zip of the mustard.” Some mustard was added to the beer post fermentation, but we expect just enough to keep things honest.

But the Duke’s Mayonnaise collaboration with Virginia’s Champion Brewery Company doesn’t even pretend to go there. Champion Brewing’s “collaboration” with the South Carolina-based Duke’s Mayonnaise is a beer that was conceived to pair with college football tailgate parties which according to the press release are famous for their condiments.

Maybe it’s just us, but when we think tailgating parties the absolute LAST thing that comes to mind is mayonnaise.

Duke’s Mayo and Champion’s Tailgate Twang!, is a 4% ABV Pilsner with a soft biscuit flavored malt and hint of hops. The beer is available throughout college football season at Champion’s taprooms, restaurants, webstore, and distributed via retailers across Virginia and North Carolina.

Most importantly, this brew contains absolutely no mayonnaise, which in retrospect is probably a good thing.

Duke’s did become became the title sponsor of the Duke’s Mayo Classic & Duke’s Mayo Bowl in 2020, and has established itself as the Official Condiment of the Tailgate ™, so there’s that.

, A Mayonnaise Beer Brewed Without Mayo ReturnsBut still we’re not buying it…When a brewery is collaborating a leading mayonnaise producer one assumes some of its famous product might find a way into the beer, otherwise what’s point?

And don’t tell us that brewing with mayonnaise is impossible. A Japanese brewery made a beer with crickets, anything’s possible…

To be fair to both Champion and Duke’s it’s not like they actively promoted this new collaboration as a true ‘mayonnaise beer’ but still…

Champion does one thing, they brew beer. And Duke’s Mayonnaise is famous for well, mayonnaise.

Any valid collaboration needs to blend what both companies do best, even if a mayo beer does sound awful….just sayin’.


(Image credits: Duke’s Mayonnaise & Champion Brewing)

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