6 Girl Scout Cookie And Craft Beer Pairings

Girl Scout cookie season has arrived….And there are some who find these seasonal delicacies even more enjoyable when paired with the right craft beer.

And we can help you with that !

Girl Scout Somoas & Scotch Ales

Somoas are caramel and toasted coconut-covered cookies and they’ll be even more delectable when paired with a well-crafted Scotch Ale.

We’re big fans of AleSmith Wee Heavy, a HUGE 11% ABV winter seasonal with a nice bitterness up front that transitions into a rich and creamy, sweet toffee finish.

Runner up: Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale, a deep reddish-brown colored ale with molasses and dark fruit tones and a boozy 8% ABV finish that will pair well with any coconut cookie.


Girl Scout Thin Mints & Chocolate Stouts

Thin Mints are Girl Scout classics and have been one of their biggest sellers for decades. And their chocolate on crisp mint chocolate wafers speak to dark, roasty stouts…and chocolate stouts in particular.

North Carolina’s Foothills Brewing has the perfect Thin Mint seasonal. Bursting with a big chocolatey aroma and enormous notes of espresso and blackstrap molasses, Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout pretty much sets the standard for the Thin Mint cookie pairing.

Runner up: Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout is another great option and at 10% ABV it’s a whole lot of fun as well!


Girl Scout Trefoils & Any Beer Style

Girl Scout Trefoils are butter and vanilla shortbread cookies and they’re so straightforward that you can almost pair them with any craft beer styles. So we’re throwing the net wide on this one.

Aged in oak foeders for one to three years New Belgium La Folie is a Flanders-style Sour Brown Ale that will add complexity and nuance to the Trefoil’s buttery graininess.

Runner up: Any juicy and citrusy New England-style IPA is going to compliment a shortbread cookie and we’re going with a Massachusetts’s masterpiece Tree House Brewing’s Julius because it’s just killer…cookie or not!

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