4 Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

beer, 4 Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

It used to be that light beers were the domain of the BIG Beer industry…And while that’s still true, craft brewers are increasingly getting into the low-calorie game.

And here are five great low-calories craft beer options that you might want to chase down…

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty

After a year of R&D and months of fine-tuning Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery has released what many considered to be unimaginable, a full-flavored IPA with the same calorie count as Michelob Ultra.

Described as “slight in calories and carbs but with mighty hop flavor,” Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty has all the flavor and tropical aromas of a world class IPA, but with only 95 calories, 3.6g carbs, 1g protein and 0g fat.

Brewed with locally grown and malted barley, and a touch of monk fruit, which delivers body and complexity without adding any calories or carbs, Slightly Mighty is hazy gold in color and boasts a light-bodied, crisp mouthfeel.beer, 4 Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

Deschutes Da Shootz

Last January Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery entered the low-calorie craft beer arena with an innovative take on the Pilsner that they describe as a “lifestyle lager.”

Coming in just 99 calories, new 4% ABV lager Deschutes Da Shootz is crisp and highly carbonated year-round offering. It’s simple in design yet deftly executed.

Kona Kanaha Blonde Ale

With its Hawaiian island imaging Kona Brewing is the powerhouse brand in the Craft Brewer Allegiance’s family of beers.

With only 99 calories and just 4g of carbs per serving, Kona Kanaha Blonde ale is a bright, sessionable 4.2% ABV ale that will ease you ashore without weighing you down.

And Real mango fruit adds a juicy, tropical flavor and full-flavored body to this inventive brew.

Boulevard Easy Sport

Boulevard Brewing is going the Michelob Ultra route and targeting those living active lifestyles with this 99 calorie release.beer, 4 Great Low Calorie Craft Beers

Boulevard Easy Sport is a refreshing, super drinkable, bright ale with a hint of tangerine. Beginning with a simple, easy-drinking blonde ale recipe, the brewery added electrolytes to an extended mash and boil to create a super dry, perfectly balanced beer.

At the end of fermentation, the Kansa City-based brewery added even more electrolytes and a touch of tangerine peel, resulting in a slightly tart, subtly salty, all-natural, low calorie, carb-conscious beer that impresses.

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