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BrewDog Plans New Brewery In Australia

BrewDog’s world domination tour shows little signs of slowing. And their latest announcement that they are looking to build a new brewery in the land ‘Down Under”,” is yet another sign of their punkish ambitions.

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Lagunitas Buys Into Short’s Brewing

In a video presentationt Bellaire, Michigan-based Short’s Brewing has announced that Lagunitas has purchased a 19.99% equity stake in their company. Keep in mind that Lagunitas is now entirely owned by Heineken so this new association is consequential on many levels.

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Beer Can Improve Your Memory

We’ve been meaning to write about this recent study, but we keep forgetting...A new study has found that in spite of the many half-forgotten nights lost to over-imbibing that many of us have experienced,  drinking alcohol could actually help boost.

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New Fall Beers At Hi-Wire Brewing

Asheville North Carolina’s Hi-Wire Brewing is looking to the fall and they’ve announced four autumn releases that got us excited. And here’s some of what they’ve got coming down the pike.

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7 Tempting Summertime “Buzz” Beers

Summer’s “dog days” have finally arrived but that doesn’t mean that every brewery is just cranking out session IPAs. Many breweries are going BIG this summer and we’ve seven beers in particular that people are buzzing about.

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