Your New Craft Beer Sippy Cup

, Your New Craft Beer Sippy Cup

Warm weather is here and that means porch drinking, tailgating, and picnics galore! There is nothing quite like enjoying a nice cold beer outside on a hot day – but there are a few pesky things that can ruin this wonderful experience.

  1. Bugs in your beer. There is nothing that will ruin your whimsical porch drinking like looking down to see a gross, bloodsucking mosquito in your cup.
  2. Spilling things. You put your cup down for one second and the dog knocks it over. There goes a perfectly good beer.
  3. Condensation. Let’s be honest, condensation is just annoying (plus, it actually raises the temperature of your beer!)

, Your New Craft Beer Sippy CupWhat if I told you that there was a way to avoid all these annoyances and more with one simple, stylish, and totally awesome product? The Product Farm has done just that with the 16 oz. Brew2Go cup! This super cool, double-walled, BPA-free cup can solve all of your beer drinking woes! The closable lid makes spills a thing of the past and keeps out pesky bugs while the double-walled design prevents annoying condensation. And that’s not all! Because this jazzy cup is plastic, you can take it to the pool, to the park…anywhere without having to worry about no glass policies.

Not wanting to leave beer drinkers out of the fun, Brew2Go was the natural progression from the Product Farm’s rule-breaking Vino2Go wine sippy cup. The lids come in a variety of colors so you will always know which one is yours (mine is green!). The cup is large so that it can hold 16 oz. of your chosen beverage, but because of its tapered shape, it is still extremely easy to hold, even for someone with tiny hands like mine.

My initial reservation about this cool new product was the sippy cup lid itself. To me, this model makes a lot of sense for wine because you sip it – but beer is a different animal. You swing, gulp, and chug beer depending of course on the beer you are drinking and the locale. I was worried that the small sippy cup opening would force drinkers to sip, but boy was I wrong! The design of this lid is really quite genius. The lip on the lid from where you would actually be drinking is tall (so your mouth never touches the actual opening) and wide, so that this lip fills with your glorious brew so that you can drink at whatever pace feels right to you! It is like a lesson in drinking physics and they totally nailed it.

I have been carting my Brew2Go around like a pimp cup and believe me when I say that everyone wants one of these! So we’re going to make it a little easier for you to own one. Pick out what color you want and at check out, use the keyword “AmericanBrew” and receive 10% off your purchase through July 21! A big thank you to the Product Farm and all you loyal readers out there!


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