World’s Most (And Least) Expensive Beer

, World’s Most (And Least) Expensive Beer

Beer, the oldest known recipe in history, is a global obsession, but annual trends in consumption and cost vary from country to country.

To find out just how much those costs might vary, Expensivity, an online money and finance resource, conducted comprehensive research to determine the cheapest and most expensive cities around the world to buy a beer in, both from the supermarket and at the bar.

Bottom line, if you’re thinking about power-pounding a couple of beers we’d suggest that you avoid Qatar like the plague and look to Cape Town, South Africa.

Qatar, where it’s illegal to drink or be drunk in public, has the most expensive beer in the world, with an average price of US$11.26 per 33cl (330ml) bottle.

The cheapest beer is in South Africa, where the average price is $1.68 per bottle. It’s no wonder the country likes to drink and are the 9th biggest drinkers in the study.

The Czech Republic has the highest consumption rate, with 468 beers per person per year.

Germans spend an average $1,907.78 per year on beer, more than any other country in the study.

, World’s Most (And Least) Expensive Beer

(Courtesy Expensivity)

Beer in Qatar is pricy. The mostly Muslim country introduced a 100% tax on alcohol imports ahead of the 2022 World Cup, and visitors need a special permit to drink alcohol.

Beer in China doesn’t look all that cheap either. But keep in mind that the money and finance site averaged the price of a hotel beer ($13.61) and a supermarket beer ($1.81). So it’s clear the steep prices are aimed at visitors.

Beer is cheapest in South Africa, where a culture of buying in bulk tends to keep prices down.


Methodology collated the prices of a 330ml (33cl) bottle of beer in supermarkets and hotel bars around the world with the help of residents, online shops and online menus on hotel websites.

Prices were tracked for well-known beer brands such as Corona and Heineken, as opposed to craft beer offerings. When they couldn’t find the price with the help of a local or via a website, the research team used as its data source. Once average prices were calculated, the team converted the figures to US dollars using

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