Wisconsin Brewing Company Acquires Lake Louie Brewing

wisconsin, Wisconsin Brewing Company Acquires Lake Louie Brewing

In what is thought to be the first acquisition of a Wisconsin-based brick and mortar brewing company by another state craft beer producer, the Wisconsin Brewing Company (WBC) has agreed to buy the assets and brands of Lake Louie Brewing.

Here’s what we know…

According to the Wisconsin State Journal the Wisconsin Brewing Company announced on Sunday morning that it will acquire The Arena, Wisconsin based Lake Louie Brewery.

Channel 3000 is reporting that the brewery “will remain in operation to develop new brands and work on special projects for Wisconsin Brewing.” And the company said it intends “to offer jobs to all of Lake Louie’s employees, including current Lake Louie owner Tom Porter.

Wisconsin Brewing Company President and CEO Carl Nolen said the collaboration will allow Lake Louie to expand and strengthen their brand.

“After 20 great years, we maxed out our brewery. The option was to either borrow a ton of money and expand or merge with a great group of people whom I’ve known and respected for decades,” Porter said.

This announcement comes as the brewing industry in Wisconsin has become dramatically more competitive and as overall craft beer production in the state has slowed.

The deal, which is expected to be finalized by July 1, is the first acquisition between two brick-and-mortar breweries since Miller acquired Leinenkugel in 1988.

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