Which States In The US Produce The Most Craft Beer?

, Which States In The US Produce The Most Craft Beer?

We’ve got to admit to being surprised to Pennsylvania was ranked as the largest craft beer producer in the country but not as surprised as finding out that this study was sponsored by an alcohol addiction service provider.

Here’s the deal…

Businesses and organizations are constantly tapping into the interest in craft beer and creating charts and studies to attract visitors to completely differst things alltogether, like financial and real estate sites.

They figure more people are interested in learning about craft beer, than finding out what their credit score is. And they build strong visuals (like the one below) that are easily shared (and quick to go viral) as way of driving traffic back to their site…

It’s an effective content generating tool and even they’re basically clickbait for completely different businesses like airfare sites,  they are also convenient content that publishers like us can easily use.

We’ve run with things like the Top 10 Cities for Beer Drinkers, and our readers seemed to be interested, in spite of that study’s questionable methodology and the fact that it was designed by a retirement and refinancing site.

But this latest bit of craft beer ‘clickbait’ is a first for us. A ranking of states that produce the most craft beer annually that was constructed (using Brewers Association data) by alcohol.org, an alcohol addiction resource.

And here’s what they found…

, Which States In The US Produce The Most Craft Beer?

It is interesting to note that the study looked specifically at craft beer rather than beer overall… What is Alcohol.org implying? That craft beer drinkers are more susceptible to alcoholism than Budweiser drinkers?

Based on the number of barrels of craft beer each state produces, the study also calculated how many 12-ounce cans or bottles of craft beer each state produces, because as the Denver Post reports that’s how most beer is consumed.

Chart credit: Alcohol.org

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