Two Roots Brewing Releases New ‘CannaBier’ In Nevada

two, Two Roots Brewing Releases New ‘CannaBier’ In Nevada

Nevada, home to “Sin City” has a buzzy new option to excess out on. And this one doesn’t involve alcohol although they are calling it a bier.

Here’s the deal…

Cannabiniers, a San Diego-based beverage, technology & brand management cannabis company has officially launched Two Roots Brewing in Nevada, the world’s first line of non-alcoholic cannabinoid infused craft “Cannabier.”

two, Two Roots Brewing Releases New ‘CannaBier’ In NevadaAnd while we’ve yet to try the their line of  “cannabiers” we’ve got to admit we’re good with the name and predict it’s usage will spread as a way of referencing these new cannabis drinks.

Hey we’re in uncharted waters here and we’re going to some sort of agreed upon name for these things, because there will be tons more entering the market as the legalization of recreational pot spreads… and cannabier, (pronounced can_na_beer) is as good as any.

Cannabiniers is a cannabis brand management company that’s poised, along with a growing parade of pot entrepreneurs, to change the drinking experience as we know it.

In addition to already offering a whole line of coffees and tea products fueled on THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis), Cannabiniers has launched what they contend is the world’s first line of “non-alcoholic, THC and CBD-infused craft beer.

Marketed  under the Two Roots Brewing banner, the new line of ‘cannabiers’ initially includes a lager, stout, new west IPA, blonde ale, and a wheat beer that have had their alcohol removed using a state-of-the-art proprietary process.

But that’s only the first step, these cannabiers are then infused with THC and (Cannabidiol (CBD) the medicinal compound found in a cannabis that’s supposedly good for one’s health, but doesn’t get you high.

two, Two Roots Brewing Releases New ‘CannaBier’ In NevadaAnd the company insists that the formula used in the Two Roots line of beers was designed to emulate the effects of alcohol, which will set in within five to 10 minutes and dissipate in less than two hours.

Whether they’ve successfully fully accomplished that goal we can only speculate, because we don’t expect that any promotional ‘cannabiers’ will be showing up at the ACB compound, any time soon.

But clearly Cannabiniers’ CEO Tim Walters is ‘high’ about the company’s prospects…

“The Nevada launch of Two Roots is the culmination of more than two and half years of research, development, planning and building of not just a product or brand, but an organization with 150,000sf of operations across California and Nevada, with 150 employees.”

“Last week’s Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth transaction validated our position as a first mover specialty adult beverage company… Our Nevada launch of Two Roots has us an estimated year ahead of the world’s largest alcohol companies, and an estimated three or more years a head within the US as a result of federal laws.”

Cannabiniers is betting that Two Roots Brewing’s foray into Nevada will be just the first step in a drinks revolution and many business analysts are as well

Image Credits: Two Roots Brewing

Pot Beer Image Credit: Mitchell Maglio

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