Trippy Stella Artois Beer Ad Celebrates Drinking At Home

, Trippy Stella Artois Beer Ad Celebrates Drinking At Home

(Courtesy Stella Artois)

Stella Artois beer is building upon its successful “Make Time for the Life Artois” campaign with an eye-catching commercial that celebrates connecting people in meaningful ways around the home dinner table.

With the release of “Table Drop,” Stella Artois is targeting as they put it “real people” (in this case attractive urbanites and young-end hipsters) in a way that Anheuser-Busch hopes will attract a whole new generation to its award-winning 4.6% ABV Pale Lager.

“Table Drop starts with the main character is dining alone and enjoying a Stella Artois in her apartment. Then her table drops through the floor into the apartment below her, uniting her with her neighbor who is also eating dinner alone.

This table dropping continues through multiple floors of the apartment building (and we gotta admits its visually striking), bringing more and more people together for dinner, ending with a massive celebration with all the neighbors.

And, of course everybody’s drinking Stella Artois beer.

“Stella Artois has long positioned itself as a premium lager,” reports Marketing Dive.  A significant proportion of its business has been rooted in restaurant dining. While many brands took a hit during the height of the pandemic, Stella Artois felt the restaurant shutdown particularly hard.”

With that in mind it’s interesting to note that Stella Artois’ new Table Drop video takes place in multiple apartments, it’s about drinking and dining with people at home not going out to restaurants.

“For ages, dinner served as a time for gathering and connection, and now we have grown accustomed to eating alone. In a world where we strive for connection, Stella Artois’ role as a brand to authentically bring people together over dinner is more relevant than ever,” said Marcela Garcia, Vice President of Marketing for Stella Artois….

“Throughout the course of the year, we’ll leverage the power of Stella Artois to create meaningful connections over dinner and around casual meals to become a mealtime staple.”


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