Top 5 Beer Brandings That Look As Good As They Taste

Stephanie Sharlow –  ACB Guest Contributor & Chief Editor of DesignRush

Who doesn’t like a good beer now and then? Whether you’re relaxing after hitting the slopes in the winter, enjoying the warm beach in the summer, or grabbing some burgers with best friends, a nice cold one is often the perfect complement to the end of any day.

But in our increasingly visual world, we don’t need to settle for a brewski with some subpar branding, iffy logos and bland package design. Instead, there are delicious drinks that captivate consumers with more than the hoppy nectar inside.

Over at DesignRush, we rounded up the 5 most visually pleasing beer designs, from logos to package design, that enrapture beer lovers and designers alike.

  1. The Intuitive Beer Design: Commonwealth Brewing Company

Commonwealth Brewing Company enlisted spirits-focused branding agency Thirst to create an engaging and emotional design. They have a simple and minimal logo design comprised of a taster glass encased in two geometric elements – a circle and a square.

This straightforward logo design is juxtaposed with swirling colors that represent they type and flavor of the beer inside – without any text needed. For example, the tropical pale ale features hues of green and yellow, representing lush foliage and the warm sun and sand.

  1. The Minimal Beer Design: And Union

I don’t think any design is more straightforward than And Union’s collection of brews. Each can is presented in a bright solid color with delicate etching accenting the can. A couple of words that say what the beer is are typed in, well, a typewriter font across the can. And that’s it! And Union is short, sweet and to the point – and sometimes, that’s all you need in a beer.

  1. The Illustrated Beer Design: A Year with Dr. Nandu by Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Aeronaut Brewing took custom illustration to the next level with complex artwork that spans the entire can. Artist Raul Gonzalez III created four separate “coaster doodles” for each season to commemorate – you guessed it! – a year with Dr. Nandu. The white background is accented with blueish-purple and red designs of critters, creatures, and various beasts enjoying the first news brews in Somerville, Massachusetts in over a century.

  1. The Cheeky Beer Design: Twin Peaks Brewing Co.

What do you get when you combine retro illustrations and quippy copy? Twin Peak’s latest iteration of their main concoctions.

Created by design agency Tractorbeam, these beer cans depict sultry pinup girls with suggestive product names such as Gold Digger and Jezebel. Each image and its corresponding copy are smartly paired, creating a product you can’t help but giggle at. Twin Peaks Brewing’s branding is extremely subtle, just lining the rim of the can.

  1. The Futuristic Beer Design: Stoutnik Russian Imperial Stout from Longwood Brewery

Bucking the tradition of bright hues and tin cans, Stoutnik created a matte black background with tiny embossed elements. The bold, capitalized logo is showcased prominently in iridescent lettering. The subtle futuristic theme is reinforced with a matching iridescent comet slicing through the sky.


While the food and beverage industry relies on the obvious importance of taste, everyone from entrepreneurs to consumers knows the importance of a strong brand identity. By combining creative logos and unique package designs, breweries and beer brands can tap into a whole new consumer base who’s looking for a bit of pizazz with their happy hour.

Stephanie Sharlow is the Chief Editor of DesignRush, a digital destination to inspire creativity, featuring best designs by industry, spotlight interviews with top designers, trends, events & breaking news.

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