Top 10 European Countries With The Cheapest Beer

, Top 10 European Countries With The Cheapest Beer

Beer cost surveys are a dime a dozen. And they populate an internet fueled by the need for endless content – no matter how questionable they might be. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun and diverting waste of time…especially on a slow news day.

The latest beer price survey comes from Vouchers, a discounting website that offers coupons for all kinds of products (unfortunately none of them beer). And since Vouchers is primarily a UK company they secured the price of a pint in each European country and translated that into British pounds.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a cheaper than average pint, then head to Belarus (£0.71), Ukraine (£0.90), and Azerbaijan (£0.91) which have the lowest beer prices across the continent. Unfortunately some of these countries (Ukraine comes to mind) are in war-torn regions, but still we’re talking cheap beer here.

And here are the top 10 European countries and with the cheapest beer prices.

  1.       Belarus (£0.71)
  2.       Ukraine (£0.90)
  3.       Azerbaijan (£0.91)
  4.       Moldova (£1.05)
  5.       Albania (£1.07)
  6.       North Macedonia (£1.24)
  7.       Kosovo [Disputed Territory] (£1.28)
  8.       Bosnia And Herzegovina (£1.29)
  9.       Bulgaria (£1.31)
  10.      Hungary (£1.31)

But the opposite of cheap is expensive and here are top 10 European countries beer lovers need to avoid like the plague, especially if they’re on a budget…

  1. Norway (£7.55)
  2. Iceland (£7.35)
  3. Denmark (£5.72)
  4. Sweden (£5.67)
  5. France (£5.10)
  6. Finland (£5.10)
  7. Switzerland (£4.90)
  8. Netherlands (£4.25)
  9. Italy (£4.25)
  10. Ireland (£4.25)

Andrea Knowles, personal finance expert from said: “With the rising cost of living, it’s fair to say that lots of us are feeling the pinch. The price of everything seems to keep going up and up, and this includes your favourite tipple – and this seems to be the case whether you are visiting your local pub or looking for a refreshment whilst on holiday.”

“While not all of these locations will be top of the list for holidaymakers this year,” Knowles added “our analysis does well to show overall where holidaymakers can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to beer prices around the continent.”

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