The Top 20 Tavour Beers of 2020

, The Top 20 Tavour Beers of 2020

(Courtesy Tavour)

Tavour is an app that connects craft beer lovers with rare and hard-to-find beers from across the country.

And here are the Top-20 beers that Tavour’s informed beer fans purchased this year…

, The Top 20 Tavour Beers of 2020

Courtesy WeldWerks

#20. WeldWerks Brewing – Juicy Bits IPA – The key to making this brilliant IPA this unique comes from the brewery’s dialed-in process of adjusting the water chemistry, resulting in a pillowy-soft mouthfeel. The final result is an intensely hopped beer reminiscent of fresh-pressed juice. Rated 4.30:

#19. Varietal Brewing x Skookum Brewery – Sovereign of Nockmaar BA Barleywine –  Skookum and Varietal procured rare, award-winning Willet Rye and Bourbon Barrels and kept a meticulous eye on this 13.8% ABV brew as it aged for over 10 months. The breweries have earned high praise for Sovereign’s silky notes of spiced vanilla caramel and whiskey-kissed toffee.  Rated 4.32

#18. Cycle Brewing – Rare Dos 1 Barrel Aged Stout – Barrel-Aged Stout connoisseurs will tell you, Angel’s Envy barrels are extremely difficult to get ever since the distillery was bought out. Cycle aged Rare DOS 1 for a full year in these sought-after whiskey barrels, bringing out notes of oaky vanilla fudge that swirl around chocolatey flavors of devil’s food cake.  Rated 4.32

#17. White Elm Brewing – BBA Champurrado BA Stout – A 13% ABV Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with creamy vanilla, a soft kick of Guajillo chilies, cinnamon, and bittersweet raw cocoa nibs. This exotic brew that sold out in minutes. Rated 4.33

#16. Untitled Art Brewing x Eighth State Brewing – Macadamia White Chocolate Stout – In addition to its tremendous 15% ABV heft, the brewery packed this exotic collaboration with lactose and real Macadamia nuts for a decadently creamy, cookie-inspired finish.  Rated 4.34

#15. Casey Brewing & Blending – Funky Blender Preserves: Nectarine Sour Ale – Fermented in oak and flavored with 2 lbs. per gallon of organic, locally grown nectarines, this brew is basically a bottle of homemade nectarine jam. Rated 4.35

#14. Parish Brewing x Great Notion Brewery – Blueberry Mochi Berliner Weisse – The brewers stuffed this juicy Berliner Weisse with 28 pounds of blueberries and seven pounds of lactose per barrel, along with copious amounts of Madagascar vanilla and toasted rice. Rated 4.36

#13. River North Brewery – Barrel Aged Double Avarice (2020) Stout – Aged for over 6 months in specially curated Bourbon Barrels, this woody, whiskey-soaked 2020 vintage is brimming with boozy-cherry, silky-dark-chocolate, and roasted-espresso flavors. Rated 4.38

, The Top 20 Tavour Beers of 2020

Courtesy Jester King

#12. Prairie Artisan Ales – Weekend Imperial Stout – Prairie Artesian beers are some of the most sought out in the nation. And this decadent beast explodes with HUGE coconut, cacao nibs and marshmallow notes. Rated 4.42

#11. Westbrook Brewing – Gates of S’mordor (Booker’s Bourbon Barrel Aged) (2020) Stout –Aged in Booker’s Bourbon Barrels, this decadent campfire treat has all the chewy, gooey, marshmallow flavor squished between the melted Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate and honey-kissed graham crackers of the original. Rated 4.43

#10. 903 Brewers – Hurricane Slushy Fruited Sour – This uber-creative Texas brewery melded tropical passionfruit, zesty orange, and tangy lime slushy 6.1% ABV slushy sour that any Hurricane at a cocktail bar. Rated 4.46

#9. Adroit Theory Brewing – Demons Surround Me Russian Imperial Stout – This Louden County, VA brewery seldom disappoints and at 18% ABV, this exotic beast is huge! Pouring enormously thick this almost-black mahogany Imperial Stout is a showcase of dark chocolate, bold molasses and roasted nut flavors. Rated 4.47

#8. Mikkeller Brewing – Beer Geek Vanilla Shake Barrel-Aged Bourbon Stout – Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 8 months, this is barrel-aged take on the brewery’s beloved, Beer Geek Vanilla Shake Pastry Stout. A dose of lactose keeps this stout from succumbing fully to overt roastiness. And at 13.4% ABV this Imperial sips down almost too smoothly. Rated 4.47

#7. Jester King Brewing – Das Uberkind! Blend #6 Saison – Fermented in stainless urns and racked to neutral oak for 8-14 months before blending and bottling, this deliciously complex Farmhouse Ale sports nuanced oaky vanilla, Granny Smith apple and lemonade-like notes. Rated 4.49

#6. Dewey Brewing – Secret Machine Double Raspberry Double Blackberry Fruited Sour – Fans who’ve tasted this brew describe it as either straight-up raspberry jam or mouth-watering fruit juice and both of them could be right. Think a creamy blended fruit smoothie with a buzz. Rated 4.49

#5. The Brewing Projekt – Puff Tart XL Raspberry Rhubarb Guava Fruited Sour – This Eau Claire, Wisconsin brewery combined the tangy flavors of berry and tart rhubarb with sticky sweet marshmallow to create an exotic sour with surprisingly rich bakery flavors Rated 4.50

, The Top 20 Tavour Beers of 2020

Courtesy Anchorage Brewing

#4. Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen – Oude Geuze (season 18|19) Blend No. 62 Lambic – The brewers blend its classic Oude Geuze with Lambics from 8 different barrels, originating from 6 different brews. Enough said. Rated 4.58

#3. Drekker Brewing – Braaaaaaaains Blueberry & Raspberry Fruited Sour – Brimming with sweet blueberries and tangy raspberries, the Fargo, ND-based Drekker Brewing upped the ante on fruitiness with this ‘double fruited’ Smoothie Sour. Generous doses of creamy lactose and smooth vanilla help things flow evenly across the tongue. Rated 4.64

#2. Evil Twin Brewing x The Veil Brewing – Luxurious Luxury Volume 3 Fruited Gose – Together,= these two brewing stars imbued this collaboration Smoothie Sour with loads of rich, tropical passionfruit, tangy blackberry, luscious marshmallow, and decadent white truffle salt tones. Rated 4.76

#1. Anchorage Brewing – Blessed Imperial Stout – To craft this award-winner, Anchorage started with 1- and 3-year-old Stouts aged in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and Willett Bourbon Barrels. Then, they added toasted and raw coconut and Madagascar vanilla beans, and blended everything together in Missouri Oak Foeders. And at 14% ABV it delivers serious buzz.  Rated 4.80:

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