The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022

Those of you who’ve been following us for a while know we’re serious about craft beer. We love the beer, the industry and its fans!

We think of craft beer as both an art and an entertainment. And we believe strongly that the art of craft beer is not confined to the drink itself, just the opposite. It starts with the brewers craft and emanates outward…

A great beer label’s art on a bottle or can, says something about the drink…Some show humor, some show attitude, some show beauty…

A great label becomes part of the beer somehow. It’s a doorway to the drin k- both a reflection of and an invitation to the brewer’s art…And not unlike a CD’s cover, a book’s jacket or a movie poster’s art, a beer label’s artwork can color the overall experience.

And we’ve just received the winners of 2022’s Best Beer Can Designs, an annual celebration of beer art that’s been going on since 2018. This year the awards team worked in collaboration with beer expert and  author Joshua M. Bernstein, who assembled a brilliant collection of judges from all over the industry.

And now  (drum roll please)…

The 30 Best-Looking Beer Cans of 2022

Pittsburgh Brewing: Old German (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022Designed by Top Hat

Solemn Oath Brewery: Snaggletooth Bandana (Naperville, Illinois)

Designed by Stout Collective

Talea Beer: Overnight Oats (Brooklyn, New York)

Designed by IWANT Design

Fuerst Wiacek: No Fun (Berlin, Germany)

Designed by Mireldy

Schell’s Brewery: Moondrift  (New Ulm, Minnesota)

Designed by Matt Irwin 

Firestone Walker Brewing: Talley Cat Sunflower (Los Angeles, California)

Designed by Nachi Eltit

Half Acre Beer: LA Looks (Chicago, Illinois)

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022Designed by Justyna Gluch

North Fork Brewing Co.: Short Round (Riverhead, Long Island)

Designed by Michael Everitt

Necromancer Brewing: Cold Feet (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Designed by Top Hat

SingleCut Beersmiths: Notes (Queens, New York)

Designed by Zulu Alpha Kilo

Boss Rambler Beer Club: Stokes Light (Bend, Oregon)

Designed by Dusten Ryen

Yonder Cider: Sunnyslope (Wenatchee, Washington)

Designed by Maddy Porter

Yokefellow Beer: Ilk (Johnson City, Texas)

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022Designed by Garrett Crowell

Bellwoods Brewery: Ratclops (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Designed by Doublenaut

New Hokkaido Beverage Co.: Kitsune-Sakura Mochi (Bozeman, Montana)

Designed by Sally Morrow Creative

Des Cantons Microbrasserie: Back Country (Magog, Québec; Canada)

Designed by Eric Chouteau

Via Beer: Spiral Light (Clackamas, Oregon)

Designed by Orion Landau

Fernson Brewing: Gallivant – Batch Eight (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

Designed by Mitch Torbert 

Fast Fashion: Ranch Cups (Seattle, Washington)

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022Designed by Mike McNeive

Figueroa Mountain: Overall Brand Redesign (Buellton, California)

Designed by Blindtiger Design

Allagash Brewing: “From Maine, With Love” Series (Portland, Maine)

Designed by Todd Beaulieu

Mother’s Brewing: “Materfamilias” Series (Springfield, Missouri)

Designed by Top Hat

Alvarado Street Brewery: Age of Aerostar

Monterey, California

Designed by Keith Soergel

Cloudburst Brewing: Happy Little Clouds (Seattle, California)

Designed by Jon Stich

Odell Brewing: Kindling (Fort Collins, Colorado)

, The Best-Looking Beer Cans in the World: 2022Designed by Fortnight Collective 

Forest & Main Brewing: One Seed (Ambler, Pennsylvania)

Designed by Daniel Endicott

New Belgium Brewing: Accumulation (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Designed by Michele Winkelman

Michelob Ultra: NBA Jam Series (St. Louis, Missouri)

Designed by Dinner Party

56 Brewing: Epic Duel (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Designed by Matt Erickson

Bootstrap Brewing: Pickle Me Up (Longmont, Colorado)

Designed by Moxie Sozo



Congratulations to all of this year’s big winners…Live long and prosper!







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