The American Craft Beer Vacation Guide – The Price of Beer Abroad

Summertime is for many a time for vacations, and with today’s soaring cost of living, taking a trip can be more expensive than ever. We can’t help you with hotel costs and we wouldn’t presume to tell you how to get the best international airfare prices. And besides, most of you already know online sites that will help you with those things.

But a much overlooked, though no less important expense, is the cost of that beer that you’ll be drinking – and that we can help you with!

The online travel site GoEuro recently calculated the cost of buying a beer around the world and the results of their Beer Price Index is essential information for any of us planning a trip overseas. The index scoped out 40 international cities and its results were based on the cost of a 33cl bottle in a regular discount store. The survey avoided each city’s bars and restaurants (where you know prices are going to be higher) and consistently addressed several worldwide brands as well as a major local brand in each location to gauge the best and worst cities to enjoy a beer in.

Best (and Worst) Bang for Your Beer Buck

The best bang for your Euro is probably the more appropriate way to put this, as the survey compared prices in Euros (based on the June 1st Bloomberg exchange).

Warsaw, Berlin, and Prague lead the list of cities with the cheapest beer buzz. On the other hand, if drinking beer is one of the primary things that you intend to do on your vacation, you should avoid Tokyo, Zurich and Oslo like the plague. All of you World Cup travelers are in for a shock as it’s much cheaper to guzzle beer in Manhattan (which was ranked as the 15th most pricey) than it will be for you in Rio, which according to the GoEuro Beer Price Index has the 10th most expensive beer of any major city on the planet.

Most Affordable Cities to Drink a Cold One

Warsaw – €0.64

Berlin – €0.66

Prague – €0.77

Lisbon – €78

Dublin – €0.78

Mexico City – €0.79

Bogotá – €0.82

Budapest – €0.83

Madrid – €0.85

Amsterdam – €0.86

Most Expensive Cities for Power-Pounding Beer

Rio – €1.39

Hong Kong – €1.49

Singapore – €1.55

Sydney – €1.58

KL – €1.59

London – €1.72

Tel Aviv – €1.92

Tokyo – €2.45

Zurich – €2.46

Oslo – €2.87

For a complete ranking of all 40 cities, check out: Beer Price Index

Happy Travels!

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