The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – November 7, 2012


It’s Wednesday and its Rumor Mill Time! You probably heard something about what was happening yesterday: Greg Griffin turned 48. What’s that you say? There was more than just the singer for Bad Religion’s birthday? Well, shucks, you got us…there was an election. Now, regardless of your feelings of the outcome, we have news for you! The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill has been churning, and as Bad Religion once said: “Remember the first word in USA is us.” On to the beer!

American Brewing Company wins Rookie of the Year Award (Edmonds, WA) — Back in July, American Brewing Company released a special Kolsch to help support the American Heart Association. Well, that limited release 30 barrels helped raise over $11,000, and garnered them the title of “Rookie of the Year” of the 2012 South Sound Heart and Stroke Walk. Congrats, ABC, ACB salutes you! 

, The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill – November 7, 2012

A Bison Herd is Coming to Nevada (Berkeley, CA) – For 23 years, Bison Brewing has been selling their organic beer throughout the state of California. But now, they are invading the state of Nevada through a new distributor. “Nevada is no longer a beer desert,” jokes Bison’s owner & brewmaster, Daniel Del Grande. “Thanks to craft-focused distributors like Barone Imports, the beer culture in Northwest Nevada is rapidly changing. Cities like Reno and Tahoe are becoming fun and exciting markets for craft beer, and Bison is thrilled to be a part of it!”

Wormtown Brewing Lands, Comes Home Heavier (Worcester, MA) — This last weekend, Wormtown Brewing partook in The Great International Beer Festival, and brought some extra luggage home. With 4 medals, Wormtown walked away pretty happy. Their medals were as follows:

  • Robust Porter – 1st Place (Pro-Am Porter)
  • German Wheat Beer – 2nd Place (Mass Whole Hefeweizen)
  • Strong Beer — Old Ale – 3rd Place (B&T Ale)
  • Belgian & French Ale – 3rd Place (Worcester’s Bravest)

Something New for Something Vintage (Chicago, IL) – Goose Island Beer Company’s Twitter (@GooseIsland) recently told the world that a “new 750ml bottling line being installed at the brewery. We’ll be bottling the Vintages Ales on it once it’s up and running….” The Vintage that will roll on that ales include: Sofie, Matilda, Pere Jacques, and Pepe Nero.

New Releases You Want to Look Out For:

More Beers, More Causes (West Grove, PA) – One or more of your friends have posted pictures of their peach fuzz and are telling you it’s for charity. Well, according to our abacus, 25% of them are raising money, the others are to be cool. The Evil Genius Beer Company team is doing the former, and will be growing some “awful looking mustaches and posting daily growth online.” They will also be releasing Movembeer, an American Smoked Porter with all profits being split between two charities, the Movember Charity and the The Alysha Miller Harris Baby Fund.


Bolt Cutter: 15th Anniversary Barley Wine (Grand Rapids, MI) – Making it 15 years is a big deal in the craft beer world, and Founders Brewing Company is celebrating that mark with the release of “Bolt Cutter,” a 15% ABV barley wine. Part of their “Backstage Series,” Bolt Cutter will be released through a ticketing system November 11th through 16th, then released in stores on November 19th. For more information, take a peek here.

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