Tavour Charts March Beer Trends

Tavour, an industry leader in beer e-commerce, just released its March trending report with insights into what people are drinking…, Tavour Charts March Beer Trends

The online retailer works with more than 600 independent breweries and based on their inventory findings, here are the top trends of March 2021…

Style Popularity: “Sour & Funky” beer styles gained the lead over “Hoppy & Juicy” styles on the app.

Top Selling Beers: Anchorage Brewing provided the top-selling beer in March, as well as February – both beers were Imperial Stouts.

16 oz cans Remain on Top: 16 oz. cans are the most popular, but newer can and bottle sizes – including 6.3 oz. bottle, 8.45 oz. can, and 16 oz. bottle – are now on the market.

Brewery Growth Continues: More breweries are looking to expand their reach across the nation – 13 brewers started offering beer through Tavour for the first time in March.

Style Popularity

To more accurately reflect the diversity of craft beer options currently available, Tavour organizes the beers they receive into the following specific style categories:

  • Hoppy & Juicy – IPAs, Pale Ales, aggressively hopped styles
  • Dark & Intense – Stouts, Porters, Barleywines, certain Meads, other dark and high ABV styles
  • Sour & Funky – Sour Ales, Wild Ales, Farmhouse styles
  • Light & Crisp – Pilsners, Lagers, Golden Ales, Kölsch, Hard Seltzers, other light styles
  • Cider – Hard Ciders

Hoppy and Juicy IPAs which led in January and February sales was surpassed by Tavour’s Sour & Funky category, which saw exponential growth in March.

, Tavour Charts March Beer Trends

Tavour’s Top-Selling Beers In March

Three of the top-five selling beers in March were Fruited Sours, which is unsurprising considering the notable growth in the portion of Sour & Funky styles offered on the app overall. The three beers came from Drekker Brewing, a Midwest brewery with a reputation for heavily fruited Sour.

Still, the top two selling beers for the month were an Imperial Stout and a Wheatwine, both falling in the Dark & Intense category:

  1. Sent By Liars Imperial Stout – Anchorage Brewing, Anchorage, AK
  2. MIRE Wheatwine – Lua Brewing, Des Moines, IA *Brand-new brewery to Tavour
  3. Slang Du Jour Raspberry Cheesecake Fruited Sour – Drekker Brewing, Fargo, ND
  4. Chonk Mango Marshmallow Fruited Sour – Drekker Brewing, Fargo, ND
  5. Slang Du Jour – Mango Apricot Cobbler Fruited Sour – Drekker Brewing, Fargo, ND

16 oz. Cans Remain the Top Packaging Choice

The COVID-19 crisis sparked a can shortage from coast to coast. But according to Tavour, the shortage is largely around 12 oz. cans, prompting breweries like Colorado’s Odd13 and Texas’ 903 Brewers to switch permanently to 16 oz. cans by the end of 2020.

Brewery Growth Continues

The US is currently home to more than 8,000 breweries, up from about 6,400 in 2018. And in the face of COVID-19 it has so far shown amazing resilience. Brewers have been adapting their business models throughout the past year, and for many, this means expanding their reach, and sending more beer out in cans and bottles instead of draft.

Tavour’s online platform allows independent breweries to reach consumers in states where they are not otherwise distributed, and more breweries are taking notice. The first three months of 2021 saw a rise in new brewery participation. Five new breweries offered beer on the app for the first time in January, jumping to 10 in February, and 13 new breweries in March.

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