Stella Artois Sponsors Beer And Designer French Fry Outings

, Stella Artois Sponsors Beer And Designer French Fry Outings

(Courtesy Stella Artois)

All snark aside, who doesn’t enjoy hot steaming French fries, especially with an ice cold beer?

On a beer junket to Belgium in 2019, the pairing became a daily necessity for the American Craft Beer crew.  That’s where historians say the beloved fried potato dish started, they were invented in the 1600’s in Belgium.

And now Stella Artois is leaning into its Belgian heritage and launching “Frites Artois,” a series of immersive events nationwide that turns the classic french fry into pomme frites with a simple yet elevated twist.

“I love french fries, and while it’s a seemingly simple thing, it’s quite the particular thing to get right. I’m really excited to be joining Stella Artois for their ‘Frites Artois’ program, where I’ll be doing up the french fry and putting my touch on it where this small fry becomes a big cone of pomme frites,” says Roy Choi, Chef, television host, and best-selling author. “Guests attending can enjoy tastes inspired by local flavors and culture and an evening filled with delicious frites and ice-cold Stella’s. Boom!”

, Stella Artois Sponsors Beer And Designer French Fry Outings

Kicking off on Wednesday, April 20th, Stella Artois will open the first “Frites Artois” experience at 2534 N Miami Avenue in Miami’s trendy Wynwood neighborhood.

Taking inspiration from Miami’s beautiful culture and flavors, Stella Artois is inviting guests to start their night with a Stella, join Chef Roy Choi and Chef Eileen Andrade to enjoy an evening filled with art, music, and style for guests to discover and celebrate while indulging in the deliciously perfected pomme frites with a Stella in hand.

Our goal was to create a scalable experiential campaign that is localized, easily scalable, and gives a nod to our Belgian heritage,” said Lauren Denowitz, U.S. Head of Marketing, Stella Artois….

“For the inaugural event, we’ve collaborated with Roy Choi as well as local tastemakers to transform the classic fry and turn it into a frite that celebrates the culture of Miami, reminding locals that simple upgrades, like turning a fry into a frite and choosing a premium lager like Stella, can turn any moment into one worth savoring.”

, Stella Artois Sponsors Beer And Designer French Fry Outings

(Courtesy Stella Artois))

Following opening night, Miami’s “Frites Artois” will remain open to the public for a three-week limited-time pop-up experience running until Sunday, May 8th.  But that’s just the beginning of a program that will expand to a wide range of cultural events such as music festivals and sporting events nationwide.

Starting in Las Olas Food and Wine Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, the “Frites Artois” airstream will travel to Governors Ball Music Festival, Spring Fling Merch March, Waterfront Blues Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Off The Grid Fog Fest, and many more events and festivals throughout the year.

“Frites Artois” will also be available for consumers to savor at their favorite bars and restaurants. Frites Artois will be available in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philly, Vegas, and Washington, DC over the coming weeks.


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