Shop ’til You Drop: Craft Beer at Whole Foods

Shopping just got a whole lot more attractive. You can now drink craft beer while you get your groceries at Whole Foods in Washington, DC. You’ve never gone through the frozen foods section until you’ve done it while sipping a pint of Deviant Dale’s IPA.


Launched in September, the Whole Foods bar in the Tenleytown neighborhood offers a decent draft line-up of 6 craft beers. The day American Craft Beer was there, the brews on tap that struck our pallette included Deviant Dale’s and Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter. Both are great beers in their own right and they pair really well with food shopping.


If none of the draft choices are to your liking though, the Whole Foods bar also offers dozens of bottles you can choose from. And if you have any friends or loved ones you’d like to bring along, but who are insane and do not like craft beer, the bar also offers wine and coffee.

If you opt to walk around the store with your pint, you’ll get some puzzled looks from other shoppers. But once they realize you’re on the up and up, they quickly shift to envy.

The Whole Foods across town on P St. in the Logan Circle neighborhood also offers beers on draft, but you cannot walk around with your brew and instead must stay at the bar area. That’s a bummer, but as grocery shopping goes, that still beats doing it sans craft beer.


Now all we need is for other establishments to catch on to this concept. Clothes shopping could actually become enjoyable. Picking up the drycleaning could be something to look forward to. The hardware store could suddenly become…Alright, let’s not get carried away. You could go out to do a few errands and never make it back home!

To find out whether a Whole Foods in your area offers craft beer, check out their list here (Note: not all stores that sell beer have bars).

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