Serious Craft Beer In Jordan

jordan, Serious Craft Beer In Jordan

The growth of craft beer in the Middle East has been understandably slow… After all, its largely Muslim community doesn’t drink alcohol. But now Jordan, a predominantly Muslim country, has its first craft brewery and its already importing to the US.

American Craft Beer first met Yazan Karadsheh, the founder of Jordan’s Carakale Brewing Company several years ago, when he called our offices with some questions about the biz.

A University of Colorado graduate Karadsheh, clearly had the craft beer bug bad…and he told us about his plans to open a craft brewery in his homeland of Jordan and that he hoped he might even be able to import his brand back into the states someday.

And now the Denver Post is reporting that he’s making good on a number of his dreams.

After years of cutting through red-tape and difficulties like securing a brewing license in a largely Muslim country, Carakale Brewing Company is making a name for itself and fostering craft beer culture in the Middle East.

Founded in 2009 in the town of Fuheis near Amman, Carakale Brewing’s journey wasn’t automatic.

They sold their first beer, a Blonde Ale which Karadsheh, a Christian and passionate craft beer fanatic, described as a gateway beer, in late 2013. And now his brand is available in 660 stores, bars, restaurants and hotels throughout Jordan.

Carakale’s mission statements are enshrined on the brewery’s website… and they’re both predictably enthusiastic and admirably ambitious.

His first goal is to “create a beer culture in Jordan” (and he’s clearly getting that done).

His second is to become “the first internationally recognized Jordanian craft beer.” And that dream got closer when Karadsheh teamed up with Jon Buford and Patrick Ware of Arizona Wilderness, and they sent 700 cases of his beer to outlets through their distributor.jordan, Serious Craft Beer In Jordan

So finally serious beer has begun to reclaim its place in a region where brewing traditions go back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

And Yazan Karadsheh’s passion for craft beer, is one of the reasons why…

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