Quick Hits –Massive Beer Recall At Uinta Brewing, Paleolithic Beer Discovery And More

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The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s more of what’s been happening in the beer world while you were drinking your way through the Super Bowl.

Evidence of Paleolithic Beer Discovered (UK) – A nearly $2 billion roadwork project in the United Kingdom has uncovered what could be the UK’s oldest evidence of beer.

Workers upgrading the A14 highway in England stumbled upon the “charred residues from the beer-making process dating back some two thousand years,” according to The Guardianpointing to proof of what could be Britain’s earliest brewed ale.

The beery remnant was but the latest discovery made during this ongoing multi-billion-dollar Highway upgrade which has already yielded several priceless artifacts according to the Robb Report “the remains of a medieval village, a comb made from deer antlers, Roman coins, and the fossils of a wooly mammoth which could be more than 130,000 years old.”

Words To Drink By (UK) – “It’s a well-known fact that ancient populations used the beer-making process to purify water and create a safe source of hydration, but this is potentially the earliest physical evidence of that process taking place in the UK.” Steve Sherlock, Archaeology Head for the A14 Highway Project.

Voluntary Beer Recall Affects Almost A Dozen Brands At Uinta Brewing (Salt Lake City, UT) – Last Friday Uinta Brewing issued a voluntary recall of nearly a dozen of its beer brands after discovering a foreign yeast that could cause refermentation in certain  12-ounce bottles or cans and compromise the packaging (read: cause the bottles or cans to potentially explode).

Uinta CEO John Lennon explained the company’s actions as one of caution…

“While a majority of the beer in question has yet to even see retail shelves, we take quality and consumer safety extremely seriously…We’re issuing this recall out of an abundance of caution, and we will be working closely with our wholesalers to replace the beer with non-affected batches as quickly as possible.”

The recalled brands, with the best-before dates that appear on the packaging, are listed on the company website. They are:

  • Detour, six-pack cans, May, 11, 2019.
  • Hop Nosh, six-pack cans and bottles, May 7.
  • Pack It Out, 15-pack cans, May 3.
  • Cutthroat, 18- and 12-pack cans, six-pack bottles, May 16 and May 8.
  • Golden Spike, 12-pack bottles and cans, May 14.
  • Trader, six-pack cans, 12-pack bottles, April 26.
  • 801 Pilsner, 12-pack cans, April 27.
  • Wyld, 12-pack cans, May 1.
  • Yard Sale, six-pack cans and bottles, May 1 and May 2.
  • 801/Cutthroat Duo, 12-pack cans, May 14.
  • Winter Sampler, 12-pack bottles, May 3.


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