Quick Hits – Anchor Brewing Sale Fallout, Monday Night Brewing, The Most Breweries In England!

brewing, Quick Hits – Anchor Brewing Sale Fallout, Monday Night Brewing, The Most Breweries In England!The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s just some of what’s been happening in the world of craft beer, while you were strategically drinking your way through the weekend.

More Fallout From The Anchor Brewing Sale (San Francisco, CA) – When a heritage craft brewer sells themselves to an International major there’s bound to be repercussions, and Anchor Brewing’s sale to Sapporo last week, comes with its own subset of changes and addendums.

Anchor’s Potrero Brewery will remain in operation and after the deal is finalized, they do plan to open a taproom across the street from their current facility. But it appears that plans to build a second destination brewery at Pier 48 (which was already losing steam over structural concerns prior to this sale) are now on hold.

Anchor Distilling wasn’t part of the deal. It currently remains in the hands of its previous owners, Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio’s Griffin Group, an investment group that also owns a boutique San Diego fine spirits firm and holds a minority interest in BrewDog LLC.

Once Anchor Brewing’s Sale is finalized they will no longer qualify as a craft beer independent as defined by both the SF Brewers Guild and the Boulder Colorado-based Brews Association. They’ll be cast out into a conceptual desert that now includes ‘once’ craft beer players like Lagunitas and Wicked Weed.


Words To Drink By (Laguna Beach, CA) – “Smart people sometimes get stupid, but stupid people never get smart.”     Author Don Winslow


The Most Breweries In England (UK) – Cornwall, England which is located on Great Britain’s rugged south western peninsula is claiming to have the most breweries per capita of any city on that island nation. And given that region’s sparse (but clearly beer-loving) population they might even be able to get away with it. According to Beer Today there are now 39 breweries in Cornwall and that’s 8 breweries per every 100,000.brewing, Quick Hits – Anchor Brewing Sale Fallout, Monday Night Brewing, The Most Breweries In England!

Monday Night Brewing Doubles Down (Atlanta, GA) – Monday Night Brewing’s second Atlanta-based brewery which they’re calling The Garage is on schedule for its planned 2017 fall opening. Complete with a specially designed coolship, extended barrel-aging rooms, and foeders, the Garage will be located on Atlanta’s beltline, a former railway corridor around the core of Atlanta now under development as a multi-use pedestrian trail. (Think NYC’s High Line).


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