Passion Matters at Naukabout Beer Company

I first came across the Naukabout name last Fall while visiting my parents on Cape Cod.  I was in a village liquor store looking for something local and was drawn to a Pale Ale from the Naukabout Beer Company. Not only was its name clever and catchy…the beer was terrific. So I tracked down Peter Murner one of the co-owners of Naukabout Beer Company and was able to share a beer with him, learn some more about the brewery and get his take on the biz.

naukabout-bottleHow did you and your partners get into the beer business?

We have an avid home brewer on our team who has been brewing for years and he has always wanted to take his passion to the next level.  Our entire team has always been craft beer enthusiasts – but it was his passion and drive that sparked Naukabout Beer.

I like the name Naukabout Beer Company. How did you come up with this name and does it have a special meaning?

The name Naukabout has a very special meaning that inspires everything we do.

It all started years ago when Tim Conley, who is the father to a few of our founders and a member of our team today, he would come home from work, change out of his work-a-bouts, and tell his sons to “change into their nauk-a-bouts” so they could “get outside for some fun!”

Since then Naukabout has always meant doing the things you love to do, after doing the things you have to do.  Whatever your passion is, whether it’s BBQ’s in the backyard, seeing a concert, going fishing, relaxing at the beach or any time that you’re able to celebrate with friends and family to create unforgettable memories – that is what Naukabout is all about.

Today everyone is so busy with work and the daily stresses of life that finding time for these once-in-a-lifetime moments is tough. So, while the idea of Naukabout started out as something very personal for a few of our founders, it was clear that the concept was something that everyone could identify with and really love to share and experience in their own way.

It’s such a simple idea, but it is extremely powerful and meaningful. It’s the reason why our group of friends came together to form Naukabout and to set forth with the goal of sharing this idea with the world.

naukabout-logoYou are currently a contract beer company. Do you have plans to open your own brewery on Cape Cod?

It’s like you are reading our minds! Yes, we have always had aspirations to build our own Cape-based brewery location. A place where people can enjoy a cold beer, relax and have some fun – a place that can inspire Naukabout moments.

Right now we are working hard to get to a point where this idea can become a reality.  So for anyone out there nauking back one of our American Pale Ales, big thanks to you! For every pint that people enjoy it brings us one step closer to making the dream of building a brewery a reality.

You currently brew one beer and that is Naukabout American Pale Ale. Do you have plans to release any other beers any time soon?

Again, you’re a mind reader! Currently, we are working on a few new flavors that we hope to release in the coming months. I can’t really say too much more on this topic right now. But, yes we will have something new for folks to try soon and we are very excited about it.

Where is Naukabout American Pale Ale currently available?

Right now Naukabout Beer is available on the Cape, the South Shore, Boston/metro area and in parts of Rhode Island.  You can check outthis linkfor a map that shows some of the specific locations where you can find the beer.

Your beer company sponsors an event called The Naukabout Festival. What’s that about?

The Naukabout Festival was one of the first things we did to share the idea of Naukabout with the world. We wanted to find a way to help people “get the idea” of Naukabout and it dawned on us that the best way to understand the concept was to experience it firsthand. We feel that there is no better way to do that than by getting together with your friends and family to enjoy great music, local food and cold beer on the Cape in the summer.

A new trend that we’re seeing more of is craft breweries being acquired by Big Beer. What are your thoughts on this and do you see this trend will continuing?

I can’t speak for other operations out there, but for us, Naukabout is a really personal effort.  It’s based on something that is near and dear to our hearts. So for us we haven’t even considered this idea. We really are looking to cultivate something that truly reflects who we are, where we are from, what we love to do and what we believe in.

The craft beer community is such a unique and diverse group of passionate folks who have somehow found a way to turn their labor of love into profession. Craft-beer lovers really are connoisseurs who love trying and finding new and interesting flavors and brands. It’s this amazing combination that has a multiplying effect for the whole industry – when the craft beer world as a whole grows, it provides everyone in the community with more opportunities. Really, everyone in the community benefits from one another’s success.

Now, as far as if it is “good for craft beer” I have always been of the mindset that competition is a good thing -so the more folks out there that pursue their personal passions in this industry the better.

If you could have a dream six pack what would be in your six pack?

Great but tough question! I’m leaving out tons of great craft brews here, but here it goes (in no particular order).

Obviously, the first would have to be our Naukabout American Pale Ale, and it’s not just because its our brew – I really do love it. The second would be another Cape-and-Island favorite, Cisco’s Whale Tale Pale Ale. Third for me would be Wachusett Blueberry Ale – I went to college at Fitchburg State so these guys have always had a special place in my heart. Fourth would have to be Ipswich’s Five Mile Ale – I just love the fact that with this brew they are incorporating the most-local ingredients possible into their process. Fifth would be Austin-based Thirsty Planet’s Thirsty Goat Amber – just a really drinkable, solid beer. And last, but not least, would be another Austin-based beer brewed by Black Star Co-op called Hubris. 

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