New Craft Beer Variety Packs Go Large And Local

, New Craft Beer Variety Packs Go Large And Local

(Courtesy Atwater Brewery)

Summertime is beer time and American craft brewers are looking forward to the season with interesting new variety packs that make buying beer in bulk cool again.

The Dirty Blonde Variety Pack

Detroit’s Atwater Brewery has built its portfolio around its top seller, Dirty Blonde, a 4.5% ABV Wheat Ale which serves as is the centerpiece of its newest variety pack.

Atwater’s Dirty Blonde Variety Pack includes three interesting flavor variations, peach, strawberry and tropical, all of them perfect for summertime sipping’ throughout the Great Lakes Region.

“There’s a flavor for every type of consumer, even people who don’t think they’re beer drinkers,” said Katy McBrady, Atwater’s president. “These are packed with flavor, but they’re very approachable and are hitting just in time for another Michigan summer.”

“We wanted to hit the spring reset in a really meaningful way and tell our story through the summer months.”

While Dirty Blonde is 4.5% alcohol by volume, the three new flavors weigh in at 4% ABV.

, New Craft Beer Variety Packs Go Large And Local

(Courtesy Schlafly Beer)

Schlafly The Weekender 12-Pack

Schlafly Beer, St. Louis’ original craft brewery, has released a new variety pack that’s perfect for those summertime getaways we’ll all be doing. And we particularly like the approachable mix of options in this one.

The Weekender 12-Pack, which will be available at retail starting on May 15th, includes three cans each of four interesting beer styles and this is how Schlafly describes them…

Kolsch (ABV: 4.8%): Done properly and with distinction, this definitive golden ale is fermented with a yeast strain from Koln, Germany – where Kolsch originated. The result is a slightly dry and subtly malty brew with the delicate aroma of an ale and the clean finish of a lager.

No Bounds Brown Ale (ABV: 5.6%): The perfect blend of American and European malts to create notes of caramel, biscuits, and subtle hints of honey and chocolate, balanced with hop bitterness from American Ale yeast, allowing the malts to shine.

Raspberry Hefeweizen (ABV: 4.1%): A true fruit beer – not a fruit-flavored beer, this brew uses real raspberries during primary fermentation. This naturally yields a pink, hazy-colored brew with citrus aromas from the wheat and a desirable flavor that is neat and tart. Low in bitterness and not overwhelmingly sweet, this is our brewer’s summer water.

Hazy Getaway IPA (ABV: 4.0%): With only 110 calories, this golden IPA sways to the lighter side, but is still packed with juicy hop flavors with an unfiltered haze.


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